Fake flower arrangements are trendy right now in interior design, home décor, and events planning. There’s a real passion for the pop of color that artificial flowers bring and with no responsibility involved in terms of keeping them watered and looking great, it’s a win-win for everybody.

With artificial flowers, there are two ways to go about buying. You can buy individual flowers, crafting your own bouquet or flower arrangement from what you have. You can also buy premade faux flower arrangements which have already been curated to look how they look. What’s left to do for you is to simply set them out.

If you want to go down the route of premade arrangements to feature, for example, as a centerpiece, here are some of the best faux flower arrangements you can buy today online courtesy of Artiplanto.com.

Elior Artificial Flower Bouquet

The Elior flower bouquet delivers something gentle on the eyes. In it, you will find natural pinks, purples, whites, and greens, wrapped up together and ready to be set in a trendy vase of your choosing.

Dayla Artificial Potted Flower Bouquet

The Dayla flower bouquet is a very flower-heavy arrangement. In that, we mean some bouquets or arrangements are populated with lots of greens. This one doesn’t and is more classic pure flower aesthetic than others. It packs a real punch with an impact of pinks that are highly appealing to many.

Nira Artificial Tulip Bouquet

A single collection of artificial tulips is incredibly cute and a great springtime artificial flower arrangement to set out for yourself or company. Pair the Nira back with a vase, jar, or minimalist planter.

Merida Purple And Green Eucalyptus Bouquet

For something a little darker, Victorian, or more Southern Gothic in tone, we have this eucalyptus flower arrangement. The Merida has a whole other visual texture going on, cushioned in detail and realism.

Zuna Artificial White Orchid Bouquet

To this day, artificial white orchids are one of the most popular faux flowers of all-time. An entire arrangement of them is appropriate for year-round displays. If you want to keep it simple, an arrangement of premium faux orchids is an optimum choice.

Valley Artificial Olive Stem Bouquet

The Valley is one of the deep green flower arrangements that looks stunning in-person. There’s very little color here other than those unforgettable natural greens and olives. It’s purely a small collection of artificial olive stems, easily bendable to form the exact shape you want.

Ventura Artificial White Hydrangea Bouquet

For outdoor celebrations, weddings, or romance, nothing beats a classic set of artificial white hydrangea flowers. Beautiful. Perfect. They make for a fabulous finishing touch on an event or special occasion.

Alamitos Summer Flower Bouquet

The Alamitos summer flower bouquet is incredibly unique in its deep-sea colors, intermingling oranges, greens, and blues. Although the hues and tones here aren’t for everybody, the tidy animated lines and natural flower textures make for a very bright and eye-catching faux plant arrangement.

These are just some of the best-selling faux flower arrangements available at Artiplanto.com. Creating visual movement, adding color, and keeping your aesthetic alive, you can rely on artificial flowers to look their best day-in and day-out. Shop all of your gorgeous favourites at Artiplanto.com right now and find all these and more on sale for a limited time.
Pedro Capitao de Salles