A fake tree is one of the grander home décor selections you can have in your space. Often featured in commercial buildings, there’s no rule saying you can’t have an artificial tree in your home. Fortunately, their size is also very accommodating, ranging from as short as three feet to three metres and up.

Here are some of the best faux trees in 2022 that are premium in quality, realistic in detail, and worth every penny.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Tree

One of our personal favourites from the Artiplanto.com artificial plant and flower collection is a faux Bird of Paradise tree. An incredibly natural-looking tree, you can bend and form this to carefully curate the exact realistic detail you want.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

An artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree stretches out its leaves and will leave you with a warm, welcoming feeling as a visual. You can use this in your interior anywhere as a relaxing and exquisitely expressive faux plant design. This is one of the best-selling faux palm trees in the world.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree

An alternative to the aforementioned palm is this. The artificial travellers palm tree is a palm but offers up a slightly different vibe. The leaves are long, akin to banana tree leaves. The detail’s carefully done up to resemble a sort of deeper and more jungle-esque tropical vibe.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Tree

The artificial fiddle leaf tree is a classic houseplant that’s been set in homes and businesses for many years. A satisfying answer to anyone’s lust for faux trees, a fiddle leaf tree offers some beautiful greens and is a premium choice.

Artificial Banana Tree

The artificial banana tree is not the sort of thing you’d find growing naturally anywhere in North America. It’s a showstopper of an artificial tree, perfect to pair with almost any home décor or interior design style. Nestle it in amongst textures, art, furniture, and more.

Artificial Areca Palm Tree

Dive into the world of palms with another selection, this time it’s the artificial areca palm tree. A beautiful mix of light greens this is perfect for general home décor or for sitting in a dark corner that needs some personality. It’s a vibrant, light, and resort-style look that’s so fun.

Artificial Korea Bamboo Tree

With its finger-like leaves, the artificial Korea bamboo tree is not a fake plant you want to miss. Those that come across the Korea bamboo tree are often looking for something a little off-the-beaten path and slightly more artistic. This faux tree has a lively, passionate look when shaped naturally.

Artificial Olive Tree

The bushy artificial olive tree will satiate anyone’s appetite who’s longing for a fake tree that’s condensed and easy to fit in. For artificial plant lovers who don’t have a lot of space, an olive plant like this will mostly be out of the way yet still offer up some premium greenery to admire up high.

These are some of the best artificial potted trees in 2022 but there are so many others. Many of which are on sale right now at Artiplanto.com. There is no reason to wait. Get yours. Make the style statement you’ve always wanted with a premium, non-toxic artificial tree.
Pedro Capitao de Salles