It’s natural for a lot of people to turn to faux plants when decorating their home. You get the beautiful touches of color and texture, and all the loveliness of real and true plants with no responsibility or risk. As you’re learning what plants work in what room, here are a few tips and tricks you can apply when it comes to using fake plants in your home.

Your Lighting

Some rooms are darker than others. A way to give artificial plants a bit more flashiness in such settings is to surround them with trendy, soft lighting. In this, you can create all sorts of unique shapes and shadows while producing eye-catching greenery.

Don’t Overwhelm A Space

Less is more in home décor. Faux plants fit this line. When in doubt, use less. Make sure artificial plants are spread out or assembled together with a purpose. Minimalism is better in décor than maximalism.

Most Popular Places To Put Faux Plants

Artificial plants will fit into any room but if you’re short on ideas for how to decorate with faux plants, try these:

  • On a windowsill, underneath the sun.
  • On a bookshelf or side table alongside other home décor.
  • On an over-the-toilet storage shelf or a bathroom countertop.
  • On the dining room table, as a centerpiece.
  • Larger artificial trees and the like can be set up in floor planters by the entrance of your home, in a hallway, or in an area where there isn’t a lot of personality.

Choose A Trendy Planter

Buy a trendy planter that fits your home décor theme. They’re available in brass, cement, metal, seagrass, and other materials. You don’t need any special considerations, either, when it’s an artificial plant as it won’t need to be watered and doesn’t require any requisite space for the roots.

Use Them In Your Home Office

Fake plants aren’t just relaxing. Like real plants, they’ve always been shown to boost focus, productivity, and overall job performance. Try to incorporate a home office tabletop artificial plant into your home, if you work remotely.

Go Tropical With Your Faux Plants

There are some exquisite tropical artificial palm trees and faux tropical plants out there that communicate warm weather, good times, and fun! If you don’t have the space for a faux palm tree, you can also get by with small cacti, artificial succulents, or a tabletop-style fern or palm plant.

Build An Indoor Garden

If you absolutely love artificial plants or are looking for something to soften some edgy, cold, industrial-like décor, adding in lots of plants in the form of a multi-shelf vertical garden or a horizontally-laid indoor garden can be impressive.  

You Can Mix In Real Plants

Some home décor experts will mix together real and fake plants in an effort to create very beautiful works of art. This is particularly popular with faux flower arrangements although it also applies to plants and other greenery.

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Pedro Capitao de Salles