Artificial plants trending this year are some of the greenest, most beautiful detailed out there. When you come to add a new faux plant to your interior design and home décor this year, remember these trends.

This list holds not only time-tested classics but some unexpected hits from the fake plant community. So for an exquisite premium-made artificial plant that will always hang onto its appealing appearance, check these out.

Faux Ferns

If you’ve ever tried taking care of a real fern plant before, what a nightmare they can be! Try a faux fern for a much more favorable outcome. Beauty guaranteed. A fern is also very easy to imitate which makes the artificial version very convincing.

Faux Cactus

Cacti are very low-maintenance to begin with and when you go artificial, you cut that down further to zero. Add to a faux cactus a beautifully decorative pot of your choosing and it’s a combination you can set on any desk or tabletop to keep you company.

Faux Olive Tree

From a full artificial olive tree potted plant to olive tree branches, these are interior design favourites. No upkeep required. Once you have your faux olive tree, take your time selecting where to place it. 

Faux Palm Tree

A faux Californian palm tree that screams of beach vibes and summertime is an excellent counterpoint to winter. If you like the tropical feel, a faux palm tree is the exact thing you want decorating your favourite space in the home.

Faux Hanging Plants

Hanging plants and vines are extraordinarily interesting but watering them is a massive pain. Fortunately, faux hanging plants are the next best thing and buying one from ArtiPlanto, no one will be able to tell the difference. Add life to any room without the need to water it.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

While the real thing can be tough to manage, faux fiddle leaf trees aren’t so finicky. The faux fiddle leaf plant has been quite popular among interior designers for homes and businesses for awhile now. If you don’t know where to start on your artificial plant adventures, try here.

Faux Boxwood Topiary

Faux boxwood topiaries are undeniably gorgeous, stylish, and some of the best of the highly manicured artificial plants out there. Frame entranceways, bring life to a dark corner, or utilize artificial boxwood topiaries on your backyard deck while the weather’s hot.

Faux Monstera Potted Plant

An artificial Monstera potted plant can come across very realistic-looking. The stem and leaves appear perfectly chaotic. No pruning or watering needed. It’s so close to real! Even your best gardening friends will be none the wiser. An artificial Monstera in your living room can be an interesting and unexpected choice but often well worth the risk!

Find all these delightful trendy fake plants in 2020 from ArtiPlanto. Get them premium-made, appropriately sized, and ready to feature in your space. Revitalize your space! ArtiPlanto is a supplier of premium interior designers all over Canada and the US. For a calm ambiance and artificial plants, you know where to shop. Drop in to ArtiPlanto.
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