Plants are magic. So much beauty springs forth from such a tiny seed. They help make for a hospitable planet, improve our physical health, and even have a positive impact on our relationships.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of creating balance. In Feng Shui, items can attract bad energies and if left unaddressed can cause serious problems in one’s home.

Many Feng Shui adopters support the notion that real plants are recommended over artificial plants. Though they’re not entirely wrong about the beauty and energy in real plants, there’s balance in faux plants as well.

Feng Shui Plants

Selecting an artificial plant for Feng Shui, you want to follow the same rules as you would with authentic real plants. Feng Shui plants are those with rounded leaves and rich colors. Plants including cactus and succulents don’t fit this bill. By choosing the right Feng Shui faux plants, positive energy is attracted in and all those pesky negative energies are kept away.

Natural Elements Create Balance

Feng Shui uses natural elements – fire, earth, wood, water, and metal – to create balance. Disagreements exist on whether artificial plants have a role to play in this. Mimicking these elements has been shown, in some homes, to have a positive impact and create the same harmony one would create with the real thing.

Dried, Dying Plants Bring Bad Energy

Neglected plants bring in bad energy. You don’t want something in your home that’s losing positive energy. If you don’t have the time to take care of real plants or aren’t very good at maintaining greenery, faux plants are an alternative you can rely on to keep the positive energy coming.

What Other Plants Should I Avoid in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui has some pretty strict rules in terms of what plants to avoid, real or fake. Cactus, tamarind, bonsai, babul, cotton, and any dead or dying plants are to be avoided. These are believed to bring bad luck into the home.

Dark Rooms Are Lonely And Negative

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of living in well-lit, naturally-balanced rooms. In a dark apartment or a basement-dwelling, there isn’t enough sunlight and natural elements to sustain plant life. The only reasonable alternative if you want to infuse a space like this with positive energies is Feng Shui fake plants. Ideally, you will want to choose the plant that looks the most realistic.

Faux Plants Can Make You Feel Good

Multiple studies have demonstrated plants make us feel better, physically and mentally. These effects are duplicated when fake plants are used instead of real ones. They induce peace and calmness while making the area look better. All in all, although faux plants may not live and breathe, they’ve still been shown to be a good mood-booster Feng Shui-style.

If you are concerned about fake plants impacting your Feng Shui, don’t be. We aren’t all equipped with the time, tools, opportunity, and environment to care for real plants. Premium-made artificial plants from ArtiPlanto are inspiring, healthy to look at and have around, and produced from a place of positive energy. For the best faux plants Feng Shui-style, inspire yourself with ArtiPlanto.
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