Indoor plants are becoming a very essential component of decoration as greenery tends to brighten up any space. Whether you live in a small space or have a mansion indoor plants are making their way back!  Adding a faux plant as a part of the indoor decor scene is also known to boost mood and set a positive vibe.

Read on to discover everything there is to find out about decorating with indoor plants and how to style, maintain them.  


When it's about setting a bold statement size of the faux plant you choose for an indoor space matters a lot. You will be surprised to find out how many sizes of faux plants are out there. So choosing wisely is the best decision you can make. Also, whether you choose something small or large be sure to pay attention to the detail that the artificial plant you choose is not too perfect. As in all reality plants are not too perfect or uniform and the leaves tend to droop. Variation is key to using different sized faux plants in your decor scene. 


There is so much variety when it comes to selecting indoor plants that when it comes to styling — if you can imagine things it's possible to do. Also, it is not too difficult to style indoor plants as there are a lot of ways to explore by using fun colors to brighten the space. If you have a large space to decorate use a combination of faux floral arrangements and tall faux trees. If you are thinking about adding a Fiddle Leaf Fig to your living space make sure to pair it with a fancy or colorful planter. If you are a big fan of adding drama; place faux stems in water paired in a creative glass jar and you will be surprised at how much impactful things can get with some simple tips and tricks. 


One of the main reasons people tend to choose faux plants over real plants is how easy they are to upkeep. Compared to a real plant it is very easy to clean an artificial plant as all it takes is simply dusting or wiping down the leaves and the stem when things look dusty. When removing dust off artificial plants in your living space make sure to dust things down with a brush next use a moist cloth to remove any left over debris. If you prefer cleaning an artificial plant with soap and water use lukewarm water and gently wash the faux plant down. 

If you think real plants are the only way to decorate your indoor space then think again? Not only have our lifestyles have changed the way we decorate our spaces has also evolved and faux plants have drastically adapted to suit our needs. We hope the guide we shared above helps you discover that not all faux plants are bad because of the reputation artificial plants have. 

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