How To Turn Your New York Condo Into A Faux Plant Garden

Making a plant garden in your New York condo is no easy task when you’re limited on usable space.

Real plants need sun, water, and a certain climate and temperature that New York, for all its beauty, doesn’t always have. For some city dwellers, raising a family of plants can seem near-impossible regardless of whether they are in the heart of the city or miles out from downtown.

As tiny as a condo is, making a faux plant garden is a lot more achievable. Here’s exactly everything you need to know about creating your plant paradise in the same New York condo you’re living in today.

Mix Real With Faux

Buying artificial plants doesn’t have to be the be-all, end-all of your condo garden. You can successfully mix in real plants, if you like. The only downside to this is that, as they fade, the comparison between real and faux can be tough to look at.

All Style Rules Are Off

Despite all the suggestions you’ll find in this article, it’s worth saying that it’s your condo so your home, your rules. If you have to break one or two style rules to have the right slice of nature surrounding you, that’s ok.

Together V. Separate

A faux plant garden doesn’t have to stick everything together. You can separate plants and maintain them apart in the same vicinity. Dedicate a section of an open-concept room to a garden aesthetic or a wall. It’s another way to differentiate and section off a portion of an apartment or condo.

Recreate Real-Life

Real plants need a certain amount of light to survive. Unless you have a strong reason to, a New York fake plant garden shouldn’t be put in a dark corner or shady room with no sunlight. A window’s a great place to put your plant arrangement but anywhere that has at least a little natural sunlight will work.

The Same Type of Plants

There are many different styles of plants. You can mix-and-match a little but all in all, having a common tone throughout them all works best. If you want a tropical feel, that’s possible. It may conflict, however, with an English garden. It’s all in how you see it.

Different Heights

Fake plants all at the same uniform height lack the feel of a natural look. Consider making adjustments either by installing shelving or platforms or buying differently-sized plants.

Choose The Right Planters

A planter or basket for plants comes in all shapes and sizes. Brass planters. Cement planters. Modern-minimalist planters. Baskets made from natural materials. Find the right planter for the aesthetic you want. They add a lot to the look of your garden.

Build Up If You Can’t Build Out

The rule in any sort of building is to go up if you can’t go out. The same rule applies to artificial plants. If you live in a 1-bedroom New York condo with little space, create a vertical garden utilizing shelving, freestanding platforms, and throw in a hanging basket if it’s your style.

Shop the best in faux plants in New York from Create a condo-friendly garden that you don’t need to maintain. Artificial plants help make anything possible for plant lovers in New York.

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