Fake plants, greenery, and flower arrangements are an easy and cost-effective way to craft something exciting out of an existing room.

Be it the dining room, entranceway, or a major gathering space such as a living room, these are the areas where artificial plants have the greatest impact and where they’re best used as centerpieces around which conversation can be had.

How to Use Fake Plants in Your Home

There are so many ways to use faux plants. They can be the talking point or they can be a secondary accent and contribute to the overall decor arrangement in a room.

The actual presentation of a fake plant is equally diverse, with tabletop plants, flower arrangements, faux boxwood topiaries, trees, hanging plants, and so many shapes and sizes to appreciate.

A creative mind can get away with a lot décor-wise applying fake plants and greenery in common areas.

Where to Put Fake Plants in an Entranceway

Your entrance is what welcomes people into your home. Most entrances are small but even lacking space, a lot can be done.

A hanging plant, for example, requires no space on the ground and can be suspended from a height above. Stationing artificial greenery in a close hallway, a flower or tabletop plant sat a small table, or setting up a décor presentation just outside your entrance (artificial boxwood topiaries) all work.

Where to Put Fake Plants in a Dining Room

Every dining room is a little different but what the room is built around is the dining room table.

Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the best place for an artificial plant as it takes up valuable space that would otherwise be used for food, eating, or materials shared with guests.

Look to the periphery. Consider building a shelf on which you can put some greenery. A wall-adjacent side table is a great place to station some faux plants. Incorporating greenery in decorative arrangements away from the main table is how most decorators will employ them.

Where to Put Fake Plants in a Living Room

A living room comes in many configurations, from being pure sit-and-talk areas to home entertainment centers.

Fake plants can exist on the periphery or be central to the overall decor, from artificial tabletop plants on side tables to large artificial trees taking up empty space that would otherwise go unoccupied.

Any living room should be a place of calm, simplicity, and where very little maintenance is needed.

Best Fake Plants to Spice Up Your Home

The best fake plants are anything but boring. Look to unconventional yet real, authentic, handcrafted plants for results.

  • A Bird of Paradise plant is big, tropical, and expressive.
  • A fiddle leaf potted plant has a unique shape to it.
  • A travellers palm tree has large leaves and a real presence.
  • A sansevieria dark green plant is snaky, seductive, and a great-looking succulent.
  • A Hawaii Kwai palm tree is your classic palm aesthetic.
  • A Monstera plant has those characteristic leaves, detailed by hand.
  • An agave potted plant has a pineapple-esque prickly perspective, as does the gentler aloe tree.
  • An artificial cactus potted plant gives off a dry, desert look.
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andrew lu