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Article: How to Care for Artificial Plants

How to Care for Artificial Plants

How to Care for Artificial Plants

Taking care of real plants may seem like a natural thing to do as they demand a lot of attention to ensure they have a healthy life. On the other hand, we often tend to ignore caring for artificial plants, as they are so easy to manage but that does not at all mean they should not get some TLC sometimes. 

Caring for fake plants is not as difficult as you may think, all you require is an open mindset and few pro plant maintenance guide to get things under control. Unlike real plants, they are not demanding at all. All you need is some TLC when handling them as in comparison to real plants;  they may be durable but the delicate details they flaunt do need gentle handling. Read on to know all your need to know about how to care for artificial plants.


It is always a good practice to clean your fake plant, as sometimes when you bring them they may seem dusty. The best way to clean a fake plant is to generously spray some cleaner. But always read instructions on what kind of cleaning spray to use as certain fake plant materials may get damaged when cleaning chemicals are sprayed on them! Another simple way to clean fake plants is by wiping them down gently using a damp cloth dipped in a solution of soap and water. This technique is the most effective and works on any kind of fake plant safely. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting to blow away any dust particles from fake flower arrangements. Using a vacuum is a great solution as there is no mess and delicate parts of fake flower plants can be cleaned almost instantly. 


Prevention is always better than cure, as once the damage is done — not only is it difficult to fix things but it may not always be possible. Further unlike real plants, sunlight is not good for fake plants in any way. In fact, it is one of the most leading reasons to cause discoloration in fake plants. So it is very important to ensure you keep them away from sunlight if you can. More than sunlight the UV rays especially cause the maximum damage when it comes to artificial plants. So the best solution to protect fake plants from UV rays is to read instructions, test the spray on a small part of the plant and once tested, spray generous amounts of UV protective spray on the fake plant. UV spray is not just a preventive measure but it is a great way to help protect the green foliage of fake plants. 

Fake plants are becoming a huge part of our lives so taking care of them is very important if you want to cherish them for a lifetime, as they are a valuable investment. Also with regular TLC you can ensure to maintain their flawless beauty and cleaning and protecting are two great first steps. 

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