Valentine's Day is all about making a lasting impression on your loved one with the best present. There is nothing better than flowers that makes a bold statement yet expresses love for your loved ones. 

Feelings conveyed to flowers are largely forgotten today due to our fast paced lives. Bring back the tradition and enlive the spark of romance by giving your loved ones the gift of faux plant for Valentine's Day. Along with the flowers be sure to include a little love note for your Valentine to seal the deal better than the real thing. Read on to pick the top five faux flowers and plants to gift this Valentines Day. 

Red Roses

There is nothing better than a red rose for valentines day. With faux red roses you are looking to give a present that your loved one can cherish as a timeless symbol of your love. Like the real deal even when choosing faux red roses a bunch of dozen or more look great as a present and like the real roses they are charming in a vase of water and can be very deceiving. 


A potted orchid is a perfect plant to give for Valentine’s Day, as the real orchid is very delicate, simple yet elegant and exotic. The amazing colours they come in white, purple, pink, yellow, and striped; are a great way to convey love and are beautiful on the eye too. 


If you want to make a bold statement with something colourful and elegant tulips are the best type of faux flowers for your loved one. They compliment any type of setting when placed in a vase with some water without the hassle of any upkeep like the real deal. They come in bright colours like yellow, pink, white each one is a great option whether you choose to make a faux tulip bouquet or mix things up by adding some pastel shaded flowers to a faux bouquet. 


They are perfect for any occasion so why not for Valentine’s Day? Choose fancy planters to go with the succulent to make them look creative. Always choose the succulent that has a colourful flower buds or a combination of both as they are very pretty and bring a different kind of elegance.

Hanging Plants

Whether you loved one is a plant lover or just like to be around plants hanging faux plants have a very distinct charm which uplifts everyone. Choose plants that have dark green foliage to make the colour pop in any surrounding. 

We hope our top five recommendations mentioned above not only wow your Valentine but help you earn some brownie points and cherish some fond memories of the occasion for a lifetime. 

Alexandru Popa