Whether you call it boho or bohemian this style of decoration is eclectic — which combines colourful patterns, styles, fabrics truly expressing everything looks great as long as you love it! 


Sometimes it may seem like a very big surprise; but abstract bohemian art prints have a certain charm that cannot be achieved with anything else. So try a few options and let things define themselves. 

When choosing abstract prints as a part of wall decor idea — always go for large frames and pay attention to all the details. If you like to add drama to the frame feel free to choose elegantly decorated frame corners. Abstract prints with pastel shades of color work really well, as they can easily blend. 


If you are a flower lover  and like the vibrant yet subtle light they bring to a decor scene, then don’t  be afraid to embrace your love with some art prints for home decor that displays some elegant flowers. They are great on the eye and can resonate positivity beyond words can describe and is just whimsical.

Always choose frames which have a colourful background featuring streaks — some of the best colours are yellow, orange, and blue. Sometimes single flowers make great pieces of art as much as bouquets or a dramatic arrangement so experiment to find what truly suits your style statement. 


Fringe, tassells, or a soft to touch texture,  if you like the idea of all these then art work with fabrics are a great way to match your home decor scene. It may seem like a very unconventional form of art but if you are creative enough to accept it then sky's the limit. While choosing the right fabrics when decorating a boho themed wall look for bold yet elegant colours and the rest will just fall in place very easily. 

Nature inspired 

Boho art is all about adopting natural elements so if you like nature inspirations then choose art that has a picturesque display of leaves, forest or anything that signifies nature. Flying birds, butterflies of various sizes or even bird feathers are some great options to consider when looking for nature inspired boho art pieces. 


If you enjoy playing with patterns and geometric symbols then be very critical when choosing your boho inspired art pieces. As every pattern can be tempting if you have a small space to decorate choose square or circular art patterns as they will look charming and will blend in well than large rectangular or abstract themed art which looks elegant in adorning large spaces. 

Choosing a Bohemian wall art  as a part of any decor is not a new trend, it is one of those things that has taken off in 2020. So take your time and choose wisely and display your true spirit as they are a ton of options to choose from and artiplanto has a wide range of pieces available. 

Alexandru Popa