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Article: Use Artificial Boxwood Topiary Plants For Luxury In Outdoor Design

Use Artificial Boxwood Topiary Plants For Luxury In Outdoor Design

Faux boxwood topiaries are a reliable way to leave your fingerprints all over your outdoor landscaping but without any of the upkeep and necessities involved in keeping up with real greenery.

An artificial boxwood topiary is already shaped, chiseled away, and designed to reflect a boxwood topiary in its best light. You can step back and appreciate it tomorrow, knowing it captures all of the same charm then as it does today.

Are you looking for a way to add luxury to your outdoor design – do it with real-to-the-touch artificial boxwood topiary plants. To make things a little easier on you, we’ve compiled a few suggestions on different arrangements and how to use boxwood topiaries in residential and commercial landscaping. Here they are for your perusal.

Line Walkways

If you have a walkway, an entranceway, or a path that you want to designate through a commercial outdoor design or a similar environment, boxwood topiary plants arranged symmetrically in a line is a sure way to do that.

There is no better faux boxwood topiary for the job than faux potted cedar topiary plants. Resembled a vibrant real-life boxwood topiary, you can line these cedars in rows to naturally guide guests down a pathway and towards or away from certain areas.

Symmetrical Razzle-Dazzle

It’s great to use artificial boxwood topiary plants in pairs because then you can separate them symmetrically. In outdoor design, something like a faux spherical boxwood topiary plant emphasizes shape while attracting the eye to something like an entrance, exit, or sitting area.

The golden rule in using boxwood topiaries in landscaping and summer outdoor design is this. When you use three or less boxwood topiary plants, they really have to make a visual impact. Spheres, spirals, and unique, abstract shapes are a major asset to this sort of luxury outdoor design.

Emphasize Height

Boxwood topiary plants are notorious for being tall, wide, and filling. Even if you don’t have a tremendous amount of width to play with, chances are that height is unlimited. Try for some greenery that emphasizes height.

A faux spiral boxwood topiary curves and directs the eye upwards. Your guests will love it. By tricking the eye with the upward spiral, you allow people to perceive your space to be more spacious than it is.

Intersperse Them In Your Outdoor Design

Sometimes a little chaos isn’t such a bad thing. Don’t hesitate to use your fake boxwood topiary plants in a more unexpected way. If you’re only buying one, for example, arranging it in a landscaped garden or surrounding other planters is a meaningful choice. There are several alternative ways to use boxwood topiaries as well.

  • Assign your boxwood topiary plants placement in a line of four or five.
  • Use them in half-circles around seating areas or other focal points in your luxury landscaping.
  • Craft your faux plants around centerpieces, sculptures, or other key features in a manicured yard.
  • Install your boxwood topiary plants around the whole or parts of your perimeter to emphasize where the limits of your outdoor design are.
  • Employ them as privacy partitions on a patio, deck, or outdoor seating areas.
Craft a luxurious summer backyard or luxury outdoor design for a commercial space utilizing artificial boxwood topiary plants as your go-to faux greenery. Buy yours today from How will you use yours to highlight your outdoor design – the possibilities are limitless.

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