Whether you are thinking of decorating a space in your home or office this fake plant buying guide will help you find a plant that will suit any decor that is trendy yet sophisticated. 

Often we all choose to buy faux plant to brighten up a space that does not have natural light as it is difficult to grow real plants in such spaces. Further artificial plants and flowers allow you to bring nature inside without a lot of upkeep. 

Small Plants 

Less is more when it comes to selecting a faux plant. Some of our best recommendations are to select floor plants, flowers, and bonsai as they are not too big yet get the job done and can pull any kind of blah away from your home or office environment. 

They also are perfect as temporary decor pieces you can bring out or tuck away on special occasions or even are attractive permanent fixtures when it comes to show off nature and fit conveniently into packing boxes in case you need to transport them when you move. 

Floor Decor

For heavy traffic and public areas in any office, such as conference rooms, or foyers some of the faux plants that really work well are cedar, ficuses — as they flaunt a lustrous evergreen look which compliments as well as  enhances your decor to bring in a splash of nature. 

Low Light Areas 

If your home or office interior is dull and does not have enough daylight in such spaces use plants that will add a natural accent with a tropical charm such as — bamboo or palms. These plants come will a full green foliage and vary in large as well as small sizes all you have to do is buy the faux plant online that best suits your needs. 

Large Spaces

It can be very challenging to fill in large spaces while making it look beautiful with artificial plants as you do not want to cram things without compromising on a great aesthetic appeal. Always choose tall and large faux plants like the fiddle leaf tree, bamboo, banana tree that brings the charm you yearn with little to no effort — while creating an elegant garden feel. 

Vibrant Colors

Does your home or office decor yearn some colour? Artificial plants are the best way to add color and style as there is a wide selection of flowers and flowering plants to choose from. 

Flowers have a charm that cannot be replicated with anything else when it comes to decorating so the best artificial flowers to add colour are hydrangeas or peonies. 

If you are looking for centerpieces orchids are the best choice — as they add elegance to any space; office boardroom, living room in your home or a bland coloured guest room. 

For a special touch during the holiday season, add poinsettias are the best — plus once Christmas is over you can safely tuck them away with the other decorations, which create the same flawless look with the changing season and some new additions. 

Alexandru Popa