Don’t underestimate the power of a succulent when it comes to using it as an accessory for any decor. They are becoming a very popular trend as they come in several colours and sizes. 

Further succulents can survive on limited water resources, as they are native to desert and drought prone areas. This ability to retain water makes then an ideal indoor plant. 

If you are thinking about choosing real succulents, as an indoor accessory for the first time it is very important to consider these few steps to help care for them.


Succulents thrive in hot temperatures, but they will grow if you maintain a certain temperature indoors. However they are not ideal plants if temperature drops below 100 degrees unless you plant them in containers that can be transported when the climate changes. 


Unlike other plants succulents grow well in soil that does not hold water, so it is recommended to add pumice or perlite to gardening soil to help create the best soil combination for them. 


This is very crucial to provide access to bright lighting at least 6-8 hours per day when it comes to indoor succulents. As this ensures to benefit their health and steady growth. The best spot to place them when it comes to growing them indoors is placing them in windows facing in the south direction — this will help them receive the right amount of sunlight for their growth. 


Like other plants succulents to need ro be fertilized annually. As fertilizing indoor succulents helps boost their well-being and maintain great soil quality. The best fertilizer is balanced and water-soluble always dilute it to half of the recommendations stated on the packaging for best results.  

Are you longing to bring greenery indoors but debating between choosing real or fake indoor succulent? Adding an indoor faux plant to your home is a much easier solution as they do not demand any special needs as listed above. Top three varieties of faux succulents you can flaunt in any indoor decor are as follows; 

Aloe Vera

It is one of the most common faux indoor succulents used in any decor as the real plant demands a lot of care. However the best way to show off a faux plant is by placing it in an area where there is maximum sunlight to mimic and blend in as a real plant. 



Native to South Africa the Jade plant is one of those plants that adds a splash of greenery almost instantly. Pair this plant with a colourful pot or even add in some soil to create some drama in your home. 


If you like the animal then you will fall in love with this succulent too. This plant gets its name from the majestic white hairs it has on the surface of the leaves. Native to Madagascar this plant brings in a very sophisticated yet modern look to any home.