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Article: 3 Things You Need to Know How to Pot Artificial Plants

 How to Pot Artificial Plants | Artiplanto
artificial plants

3 Things You Need to Know How to Pot Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are becoming one of the must have accessories when it comes to decor. As they offer the look and feel of the real thing without the hassle and upkeep. 

However when it comes to potting an artificial plant it may seem like a daunting task. As faux plants can be purchased potted, unpotted or as a bouquet of stems. Although stems may seem like the most tempting solution as they can be transformed very easily to match any decor.  

If you are looking to make significant savings and invest in an artificial plant that resonates beauty and a modern charm that never fades, follow these three simple steps and learn how to pot faux plants like a pro. 


Choosing a pot or planter is a very important decision as this adds the aesthetic appeal every artificial plant demands. Choose something that is not too flashy, as you want the faux plant to be the centre of attention — unless you are planting a succulent then colorful pots blend really well. 

Sometimes artificial plants come potted in a starter plastic pot, it is recommended to place these starter pots inside elegant pots to help enhance their beauty and a dramatic effect to any bland decor. 

Size matters when you are choosing a pot, so always choose something large. As there are so many options available pick a pot that is large yet designed with a strong base to withstand the weight of the artificial plant.


The soil and other decorative material used inside the pot decide whether a plant is artificial or real as they help create the illusion of the real thing. So choose a combination of brown or other colours close to it to resemble soil like texture. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative — sometimes pebbles of different sizes and pastel colours also look great and add the earthy undertone that just flows well. 

Sometimes choosing real soil can be a great alternative; especially when paired with artificial flowers like orchids which with their appearance can brighten any space with little to no effort. 

As a general rule of thumb always leave 2/3rd of the top of the plotted plant to resemble the soil in a real plant. Also use a combination of rocks and soil to give the artificial plant an earthy tone. 


This is what separates a faux plant plant from a real plant — as artificial plants can be transformed instantly into the real thing with some tender loving care and an elegant arrangement treatment. 

Keep things simple do not go overboard look to real plants for reference. Place hanging plants in hanging baskets to make them look natural. When arranging artificial flower stems place them in glass vases or elegant vases like you would use if placing real flowers. 

The simple tips mentioned above can not only help you learn how to do things like a pro, but also create an accessory that resonates elegance and can blend into any decor. 

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