Houseplants are a fine way to bring a little of outside in… at least, until things reach a natural conclusion.

Like every living thing, a houseplant eventually fades and with that, no more houseplant. Comparatively, a fake houseplant lasts forever, looks quite realistically down to microscopic detail, and is a go-to home décor trend for 2021.

With an artificial plant, you’re not just getting the greens though. You’re also pairing it with a planter.

The planter you choose for your plant is key to the vibe it’ll give a room. Here are some trendy indoor planters in 2021 to pair with your favourite faux plant, be it a cute succulent, flower, Monstera, or palm tree.

Wood Leg Planters

For a true artful presentation of your plant, take a planter that’s ceramic or brass and place it within a mid-century wood-leg planter.

As a dominating décor accessory, if your plant’s looking a little plain or the room’s a little dull, a trendy indoor planter like a wood leg planter is everything you need to create an even more attractive fake plant décor accent.

Hairpin Leg Planter

A hairpin leg planter is kind of like the wood leg version, except aesthetically it provides an arguably more modern-minimalist look.

The hairpin legs are very thin, sometimes glued to the planter part. If it isn’t firmly attached, a decorator can switch out the planter for whatever style they see fit. You can come up with combinations of hairpin legs and other planter materials that can be quite creative.

Water Hyacinth Planters

Water hyacinth planters are natural planters, woven by hand typically and ranging from floor planter design to those that fit inside wooden stands.

With a woven planter like water hyacinth, what you’re getting is a very indigenous-style, almost rustic aesthetic. These normally wouldn’t be recommended for real plants because a lot of moisture can degrade the material. With an artificial plant, however, that’s no longer a concern.

Seagrass Baskets

Seagrass baskets come in so many varieties, from a woven look to being decorated with pompoms.

Baskets are bendable and portable, often with handles to the side. They are an alternative to planters of other types but offer the same functionality just with a bit extra in terms of the mechanisms built into its design. 

Ceramic Planters

Cement and ceramic planters come in all sorts of colorful detail and always in a durable construction.

A great ceramic planter is a décor piece in and of itself. Add a fake flower or fake plant and everything’s there in color, detail, and beauty. Cement, in particular, isn’t as vulnerable to the elements as other planter types are. This is advantageous if you’re looking to create something outside or to position it somewhere where temperature shifts are normal, such as along a windowsill.

There are so many trendy planters in 2021, opening up a whole new category of fake plant accessories. Browse 100s of planters at ArtiPlanto today and order your favourites. See them in sizes from tabletop laptop-esque companion pieces to floor planters that are strong enough to maintain an artificial palm tree upright! Shop yours from ArtiPlanto right now.
andrew lu