All plants deserve to have a stylish planter paired with them, from tabletop fake plants to landscaped trees.

A planter gives a plant somewhere to flourish and exist. It assigns them a décor aesthetic, incorporating them into the space by tying them in with a material like brass, ceramic, cement, water hyacinth, or others.

Depending on your personal style, chances are some planters jump out at you like ‘yes!’ while others are a clear ‘no’.

Where to go for the most stylish planters this year is ArtiPlanto. Here are some expert-chosen favourites.

White Bamboo Floor Planter

A white bamboo floor planter is perfect for an artificial tree or large fake greenery grown as a houseplant. This is some very big, sturdy wood. The white shine is also most favorable to newer rooms, working well in a configuration with equally new and white furniture.

Pura Ceramic Planter

The Pura Ceramic Planter, an ArtiPlanto best-seller, adds a little bit of color wrapped with some natural material. Ceramics are great for indoor plants, such as in near a doorway or near a window. Try it when growing herbs, succulents, or just for general houseplants.

Rattan Planters

There are rattan lovers and haters out there. If you’re into home décor and interior design, probably you already know what rattan is. A rattan planter keeps a classic rattan aesthetic, perfect for indoor gardens. There’s also plenty of drainage to accommodate real plants if the artificial variety isn’t a preference.

Cement Planters

We go to cement planters when we need something sturdy and heavy to weigh down tall, weighty trees. These aren’t just any regular cement planters, either. They come with color and impact, with customer favourites including the Malaga, Trevi, Sadira, Lugo, and Athens.

Braided Planter on Black Stand

The combination of a natural braided planter atop a thin-legged black stand is a masterful modern-minimalist accent. The detail in a braided planter is always wonderfully unique and handmade. Once the greenery gets added, you’ll love what you see.

Vaneto Black Cement Planter

The Vaneto planter is made from cement, is heavy and durable, and comes in multiple sizes. Crafted long and thin, it easily fits into tight spaces such as near stairways or by any unconventional nooks and crannies of a property. A great selection if you want to emphasize height.

Mid-Century Mushroom Planter

A mid-century mushroom planter will spruce up a living space with its dark minimalist look. Accommodating an array of plants, mushroom planters come in both black and white which provides plenty of possibilities in fitting it in somewhere in your overall home décor plan.

There are of course so many more planters out there, from bamboo to brass. Beyond these 7 stylish planters, see dozens more at ArtiPlanto. You have no shortage of vibrant planters to add to your indoor décor. Enhance the look of your indoor plants and don’t hesitate to switch up planters every now and again. It can help rejuvenate your home décor! Whether it’s real plants or artificial, it doesn’t matter. The planter still counts. Order your favourite today.
andrew lu