Minimalism has been on-trend for over a decade, used in tiny houses, functional décor, and inexpensive IKEA-esque modular furniture design.

The ‘live with less’ movement is still in full swing. Don’t get us wrong. That said, some interior design experts are going with a new approach to home arranging and aesthetics, and that’s maximalism.

Maximalism has been gradually growing in use since a few years ago. Maximalism isn’t about creating clutter or infusing a room with busy atmosphere, though the vibe is ‘more is more’. Minimalism eschews a pattern-free, simplicity-based aesthetic while maximalism differs.

A premium-made rug in maximalism uses patterns, complexities, and personality to create excitement where you may not expect to find it. For artful, eclectic spaces and/or interior designers wanting to take a chance, here are a few ways you can try to blend in more of this approach.

Bright And Vibrant

Minimalism being the dominant standard in interior design, it makes sense some define maximalism by this contrast. Minimalism loves neutral tones. Maximalism adores bright, vibrant colors that spotlight what’s in the room. Rugs for maximalism make use of unexpected hand-woven patterns and colors that add interest, life, movement, and excitement. They can be dramatic and bold, as much as you like to be.

Your Interior Design Doesn’t Have to Match

Think of maximalism as a sort of intended, patterned, and functional form of chaos. Don’t be frightened of clashing patterns. If you embrace clashing patterns and with some selected commonalities between them, it looks intentional. An interior design rug is a great example of maximalism doing its thing. You can throw the ‘everything has to match’ handbook out the window and go with your gut on a design choice that should ultimately be yours.

Maximalism Hangs Its Hat on the Individual And the Ornate

You want individual elements in a maximalist space that say something to you. They don’t inherently need to match – we know that. In this spirit, every furniture piece or decorative component should serve a purpose. Every pattern has a purpose. A rug for an indoor room shouldn’t be boring or an afterthought. Make it representative of you. Tell a story through each individual object. That’s how you create interest.

A Perfect Opportunity to Collect Culture And Meaning

Maximalism is an interior design approach that prioritizes the person living in a space instead of the space itself. Express yourself. If you love a culture, a design aesthetic, or are a vintage collector, infusing a space with maximalism gives you permission to show off this type of personality. You aren’t beholden to simplicity or neutral tones which, truth be told, can make a home feel impersonal, lacking, and almost like living in someone else’s space.

Whether you prefer minimalism or maximalism, both design styles certainly have their place in internal home design. In selecting the right rug from ArtiPlanto, find a wide spectrum of simple, vibrant designs perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and more. Use your own personality as a guide. Select what speaks to you. Your lifestyle is yours to share and especially in your home. Express yourself with a rug that suits you.
Alexandru Popa