Decorating an apartment is all about managing the space, with the modern lifestyles we all have this sometimes can seem like a daunting task. This is where artificial plants; especially fake hanging plants come handy. 

How you ask? The answer is very simple than you can imagine! You need a creative vision. There is a lot to explore beyond the basics, so read on to get some pro tips to flaunt your apartment space by using the limited space you have in an apartment to your advantage. Whether you are renting an apartment or polishing an apartment to transform it into a forever dream home there is something for everyone. 


They get their unique name from the distant yet elegantly charming shape of their leaves. If you have a bland colour scheme in your apartment and looking for a quick fix, without spending too much — then an Arrowhead is the best solution. Further this hanging plant is the best way to add some vibrant strokes and add some fun to a rather bland space as they come in shades of burgundy, green and pink. 

Boston Fern 

Beauty lies in simplicity and the Boston Fern is the best example to bring that to reality. Further, this is also one of the major reasons why the Boston Fern is the most commonly spotted faux plant in apartments as they blend in so well in small spaces. Its vibrant green leaves create a natural focal point with such an ease that nothing else can steal its thunder.

English Ivy

Although this plant is mostly seen outdoors, English Ivy is truly the best creative solution if you are thinking of flaunting a beautiful masterpiece that will create that wow factor in your apartment. It is best when hung in any room but looks really well when displayed as a form of wall art as its beauty can create an instant splash.

Spider plant 

This is a no-brainer and is almost the first synonym that comes to mind when you think about a perfect indoor hanging plant for an apartment. Further, its naturally drooling on the floor like long and elegantly slender leaves make them a must-have indoor hanging plant, especially if you are looking for something that is a long term solution when it comes to picking faux plants. They look great when paired with pastel-shaded ceramic pots and mimic the real plant with ease and poise. 

When it comes to giving your apartment the TLC treatment it may not always be the best solution to face as space can seem like the biggest hurdle; so just that in mind we hope you take pride in adopting the unique and simple solutions we recommend. Be assured that the simple yet elegant looking indoor hanging plants mentioned above will help you transform any apartment into a cozy yet modern space with ease by simply incorporating the splash of some greenery i.e. indoor hanging plants. 

Alexandru Popa