Kitchen is that place of the home; that we all tend to spend a lot of time in, especially with the current COVID19 situation. We all are spending way more time cooking with family in the kitchen as a way to cope with the boredom and even reminiscing fond memories and bonding with each other by sharing family recipes virtually. 

If you have nodded yes to any of the above activities then the thought of giving your kitchen a quick makeover must have crossed your mind. Read on to discover some quick tips to consider when buying fake plants to give your home and kitchen the TLC it needs!


It can be tempting to go over the top, when it comes to incorporating fake plants into your home decor scene. Depending on the colour scheme of your home choose the artificial plant that not only matches with your decor scene; but blends in well. Also don’t be afraid to get creative and choose plants with green foliage, flowers and fruits is a good idea. Choosing a right tone for both the kitchen and the entire home is important so be careful not to mix too many colours and remember your final goal is to create a relaxing texture. 


To enhance the beauty and create a focal point in your decor scene using the power of numbers is a great idea. This not only helps create a very creative yet modern look in your kitchen as well as home that artificial plants stand alone even more than any furniture or art you may have in your space. 


Sometimes it is good to embrace uniformity, but that does not mean you have to compromise on blending in a variety of sizes; especially when it comes to fake plant home decor. Instead of overcrowding your decor scene by using two or three fake plants use a cluster of sizes paired together to compliment each other like flower bouquets on the island or along the tableside to set a relaxing yet creative statement. 


Less is more always remember that when it comes to incorporating fake plants in your decor scene. Yet don’t be afraid to make a creative statement by displaying artificial plants vertically or hanging a few plants to create your divine shrine in the kitchen space. It's all about strategic positioning so pay close attention to including everything that will compliment your personal style above all.

Whether small or large; kitchen is the heart of every home and with the ongoing COVID 19 situation, many of us would agree it is the new living room considering the amount of time we all spend in it. So let your creative aspirations flow when it comes to finding that perfect kitchen decor plant. 

Don’t be afraid to unleash your personal style statement to compliment your decor. For those of you who enjoy entertaining and are looking to create the perfect balance of modern yet welcoming kitchen and home, we hope this fake plant buying guide makes your buying decision easy. 

Alexandru Popa