How to Decorate Your Faux Succulent Like It's Real ?

Faux succulents are among a never fading trend as they are simple, elegant and not a hard choice to make. Which further leads us to one of the main reasons why faux succulents are becoming must haves in every space and catching up like wildfire — especially when it comes to decorating. 

Faux succulents are beyond perfect for any space when it comes to decorating, solely because of the versatility they charm us with when it comes to decorating. Also when using faux succulent space is never a limitation; but it is in fact an advantage whether it is a home or office small or big, they blend so well. I know you have your doubts despite all of it being said than done!

The real dilemma however when it comes to decorating is how to make a faux succulent look so realistic that even you may be tempted to water it! Read on to follow some quick and easy pro hacks. These hacks are so easy to do and simple that you will want to decorate succulents, while understanding it is not daunting at all as many of us may think. 

Vase: It's all about very closely mimicking the look of a real succulent so much so that even you may be confused sometimes. The first step is to choose the right vase. This cannot go wrong in any way, as picking the right vase is as important as picking the right clothes when you want to make that bold and confident statement at work! So do not rush this decision at any cost; take all the time you need as this will have to be that wow factor that augments the faux plant that you choose to charm your decor scene with. But as tempting as it may seem to choose loud and colourful vases remember not to go too overboard and keep things simple. Our best recommendation is to pick a plain yet elegantly slender or creatively imperfect shaped glass vase. It not only displays all the beautiful attributes of the faux succulent you choose, but also does not cost a lot so it is a win-win.

Props: Once you have made the decision on the right size and shaped vase, the next step as a part of the look is choosing the best props. I know it may sound tacky but you have to make it all come together and props are very important for that solely. Choose real soil and a cluster of rocks, moss if you really like a fancy yet creative look to make sure your faux succulent is grounded well in the glass vase. Now admire it from far and viola just like that you have a crowd pleaser!

Nothing can ever replace the charm of a faux succulent plant. Further in comparison to artificial plants or faux flowers not only are they charming to look at but their inclusion in any space almost instantly transforms the whole space with ease. Also as they do not demand too much maintenance and are a very affordable solution if you are working on a budget or simply a minimalist who is looking for a small yet robust long term solution. 

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