Summer’s a great time to bring a little sunshine indoors and turn a drab space into the extraordinary.

Today’s artificial pot plants are perfect additions for tabletops, side tables, coffee tables, in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and all throughout a home.

If you love summer greenery but lack interest in committing to watering and caring for the real thing, try fake plants. They don’t need to be watered. They don’t need sunlight to survive. No limitations exist on what sort of arrangement an interior designer, property manager, or homeowner can come up with. Here are some of the best artificial pot plants for summer.


Potted faux ferns add layers to a room and the great thing about premium-made faux ferns is they come so close in look to the real thing. Artificial ferns can be set up wherever you desire. Unlike real ferns which should never be left in direct sunlight and which always need moist soil, potted artificial ferns don’t have the same needs. They look good wherever they’re set.


Succulents sit beautifully in pots and planters. They’re shapely, often a creative mix of colors, customizable in their arrangement, and add a lot of visual interest. You can buy pre-arranged collections, such as those with mini faux succulents, purple faux succulents, and tropical faux succulents.

Faux Cactus

Searching for artificial plants for summer, you can’t forget about cactus plants. A premium-designed potted cactus is no different in detail or appearance from the real thing. It’s indoor décor that will look great everywhere from the bookshelf to the dinner table.

Faux Olive Tree

Olive trees are truly beautiful. Choose from a faux olive tree branch or olive fruit branch for tabletop placements or go all out with an artificial olive tree potted plant in the size of your choosing. They’re great in a living room and will add elegance to any interior design space.

Faux Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus isn’t your standard potted plant but when it comes to faux plants indoors, the appearance of a eucalyptus harkens to tall evergreens and a colorful autumn of falling leaves. For summertime vibes, any faux eucalyptus branches, a eucalyptus bouquet, or potted eucalyptus all fit the bill.

Potted Orchid Floral Arrangement

Real orchids come with all sort of requirements, including ensuring the plant’s been properly potted to having the right soil, watering, lighting, temperature, and regularly pruning it. An artificially done potted orchid floral arrangement is just as pretty none of the hassle.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Potted Plant

A fiddle leaf fig tree needs to be taken care of in a very specific way. Fiddle leaf trees can get overwatered rather easily and are also a fair bit of money for what’s essentially a lifelong commitment in monitoring their health. Instead, try an artificial fiddle leaf potted plant. For summer interior design, the dynamic they bring is warm, welcoming, and lively.

Find the best artificial potted plants for summer all in one place. Shop ArtiPlanto today. For commercial offices and home décor, tap into the interior design expertise of experienced faux plant creatives. See premium-made, realistic-looking faux plants from ArtiPlanto and bring summertime home with you.

andrew lu