Fake plants – a la artificial plants and branches – bring natural storytelling into the mix sans watering and lighting needs.

For interior designers, homeowners, and property managers, faux plants are an absolute dream because of not only the variety in premium-made plants but also in the different ways you can style them.

Vases and Stems

What vase or container you choose will determine a lot about what to include and how to style artificial plants. A striking container can create a lot of impact. A more subdued vase will disappear into the background. Either works. It comes down to what you want to say with your artificial plants.

The Height-and-Width Rule

When you’re choosing a container to hold your fake plants in, consider height and width. The height of a stem should be 2-3 times taller than the vase or container you choose. Your plant’s largest width should also be about double the size of the container.

Simplicity is the Key

When buying faux plants in Canada, some get carried away assembling lots of different plants. Creating texture, we’re in favor of. It’s just that with artificial plants, you often don’t need very many to do that. It’s usually better to assemble a lot of one variety. This makes a minimalist statement and doesn’t overcomplicate things. Once you take to mixing a lot together, thematically, things can begin to look too busy.

Bend Stems

Bend a stem to a real plant and you’ll probably break it. Artificial plants want to be bent. Your greenery should fall as naturally as possible. While you’re placing them, customize the stems. Organically, some may flop over the edge while others stand straight. Create space for your flowers and leaves to get their best feature in the container.

Varying Heights

Look at any natural growth. Nowhere do you see uniform height and look between all stems, branches, and plants. Everything grows at a different pace. Mimic this with your arrangement. Add a sense of authenticity to a mix of stylish artificial plants by keeping the stems at different heights.

Try Mixing Natural Elements In

Faux plants don’t live in a vacuum. The best faux plants are always featured nestled in with elements like rocks, real plants, or moss. Extras like these look wonderful and add a whole new dynamic to a fake plant presentation.

Group Multiples or Feature Singularly

Filling a room with artificial plants, take the opportunity to break them off into pairs or groups. Feature one or two of your faux plants completely independent. The resulting scattered look embodies a sense of imperfection often seen in nature.

Always Dust

The #1 giveaway of faux plants is always going to be the dust. They make an otherwise realistic-looking plant look horrid. Always ensure you check for dust. Over time, dusting’s the only maintenance premium-made artificial plants will need.

Creating unified stylish artificial plant arrangements starts with the quality of the faux plant. ArtiPlanto is Canada’s top fake plant supplier, ensuring our customers have the most authentic-looking artificials on the market. Shop yours today.

Arti Planto