Silk plants are the ultimate alternative to real plants indoors. From ferns to succulents, artificial plants in pots for home décor achieve a natural-looking interior you don’t have to constantly monitor for temperature, watering, and light.

Why Choose Artificial Plants

  • Safe and non-poisonous to pets and young children.
  • No pollens or allergens released into the air.
  • Fake plants can be placed in rooms without adequate sunlight.
  • You don’t have to know anything about gardening to take care of an artificial plant.
  • Affordable when compared to maintaining a real plant.
  • They come in the most realistic color and texture.

How Important is Potting to a Faux Plant?

How to pot an artificial plant is important. The pot says so much about your artificial plant arrangement. You can go antique and rustic, vintage and 1950s-era classic, modern and minimalist, or get endlessly creative with the size, style, and shape of your pot.

Did Your Plant Come in a Starter Pot?

Some faux plants come in a starter pot. These form a solid base that’s stable and attractive, however, long-term you may want something more ‘you’.

To secure artificial plants in pots, you will often need a planter larger than a starter pot. Sand, decorative stones, slate, bark, or similar materials work to secure the plant inside the pot. Recommended size varies, however, most agree up to 8” in diameter for a pot is ideal for an artificial plant up to 4 feet in height. 

How to Place Your Artificial Plant in a Pot

  1. Take your faux plant and leave it in the starter pot. Its starter pot will serve as a base.
  2. Clear the foliage. Prefill the pot if it’s deep. You want to anticipate the height of the completed artificial plant before you get to setting it in.
  3. Put the faux plant in the middle of the pot. If you approve of its placement and height, start filling in the area around the starter pot with material like mud or sand. Continue putting sand or mud in until your plant’s independent and secure. You should be sure it isn’t going to fall over when you walk away.
  4. Lastly, choose a decorative topping like artificial moss or bark. Interior designers often prefer decorative stones. There’s certainly no shortage of elements you can use to complete your faux potted plant look.

Re-Shaping Your Artificial Plant in its Pot

Over time, you can re-shape your artificial plant if you find it leaning or just plain looking uninteresting. The stems of faux plants can be bent. Start near the base and work outwards. Completing the occasional re-do on an artificial plant can be a nice way to keep it looking fabulous.

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Alexandru Popa