To sell a home fast, real estate staging is common. Staging is to set up a home to make it look more appealing than perhaps it originally is. It’s done to highlight a property’s best features, distracting from things that may not be solid selling points.

A large part of staging is bringing in furnishings and décor. In terms of home décor, you want a property to have the look of being lived-in but without any sort of personal artifacts. Have the buyer see themselves living in the home. If they can see themselves already owning the home, understandably, this brings them closer to making an offer. This is the goal for any real estate staging attempt. 

Here are 7 decorating tips for real estate staging to help you sell your property faster.

Keep Things Minimalist

You don’t want to busy the room up. Keep things relatively simple. Space out home décor. Do not complicate things by pushing lots of décor together. Ensure there’s space to move around visually, just like you would if you were installing furniture. Minimalism in home décor is real estate staging gold.

Mirrors Create Space

Small spaces we want to open up a bit. Natural light can help. Mirrors can help more. Mirrors effectively add the perception of more space when there isn’t any. You can use one with a decorative edge or purchase multiple mirrors, such as in a home décor architecture piece or as wall art.

Rugs Can Divide Up A Room

A wool rug or linen rug can make a room feel warmer, more welcoming, and more lively. If you don’t have a lot of colors somewhere or a large open-concept room is a little too large, an appropriately sized rug may be your answer.

Relaxation And Calmness

Amongst the visual décor, you may want to set up an essential oil diffuser, some calm music, and zero in on crafting the most non-stressed environment possible. Every realtor is different. Some enjoy baking cookies and putting out snack foods. It’s all in how you want to present a property.

Pattern The Room With Greenery

Bring a little outside in. A small selection of artificial plants or a large faux tree in the corner can contribute a lot to a home. Being fake, you don’t need to maintain it at all but it gives the impression that there’s life here.

Neutral Colors Are Preferable

As pretty as it may be to go big, bold, and colorful, neutral tones are widely preferred by buyers no matter their background. Play it safe. When it comes to tiling, décor, furniture, and floors, neutral colors can be relied on to nab you the best offers for a home for sale.

Try A Minimalist Planter

If you do decide to go with some faux plants, ensure you pair them with a minimalist planter as well. The right planter is itself a décor piece and will anchor down the plant in whatever home décor aesthetic you’ve chosen to maintain.

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Andrew Lu