Eclectic is artful. It can be abstract. It’s often unexpected. It’s a mix of styles that doesn’t necessarily stick to a singular description. If you love modern-contemporary, you can still have farmhouse rustic or industrial home décor mixed with it. You can have minimalism and maximalism together, divided up in different spots throughout your home. Eclectic is fun and extremely popular. Here are 9 ways you can use fake plants in your eclectic home décor aesthetic.

Create Shapes

A benefit of faux plants in eclectic home décor is that the wire in the branches can be bent. A plant parent can bend their plant to look very unnatural, if they like. They can flip it on its side, upside down, or angled, and work the wires to come up with a shape that’s totally unique and decorative.

Create Presentations

A plant attracts the eye but a plant on its own is not always able to keep the attention. So put on your ‘artist hat’ and get working! Make art around your plant, using its basket or planter as a way to house elements like wood chips, broken glass, gemstones and crystals, painted materials, fabric, and more.

Broken Mounted Shelving

Small shelves, each one mounted measured equi-distant apart in a shape or a line vertically or horizontally. Put a faux plant on each. This is a great way to use your wall as an art canvas, positioning small plants, hanging plants, and a combination of greenery, each given its own stage.

Lighting And Plants

You can use LED string lights, built-in wall lighting or ceiling light, and other ways to light artificial plants in unexpected ways. This can create all sorts of unique shadows or help emphasize the detail of a one-of-a-kind premium artificial plant.

Hanging Plants And Reaching Vines

A set of hanging plants or reaching vines can be used to occupy space at a tall height. An immensely popular way to do this is to strewn vines across the top of kitchen cabinetry or along curtain frame.

Arranged In Lines Or Simple Shapes

Take small artificial plants in matches vases or planters and arrange them equally spaced apart in a defined shape or pattern. This can be done on a windowsill, mounted shelving, or along a countertop.

Hang In Its Leaves Or On Its Branches

If you have a colored string or long, thin lines of fabric, you can use this to dress up a plant in something different and colorful. It’s easy to make this look messy and disorganized. Try to approach it like a minimalist-inspired Christmas tree.

Repeat Patterns With Rugs And Other Eclectic Décor

Patterns, shapes, and colors repeat in décor. In eclectic décor, the same applies. Try to find a wool or linen rug dressed in a similar pattern or complementary color to add around a large artificial tree or something similar.

Cup Up The Leaves Of Your Artificial Plant

Buy two artificial plants. Keep one fully intact. The other, cut off the branches and leaves. Decorate in a complementary way with these broken pieces. Glue them to your wall. Add them inside a vase nearby. Paint them and pin them to the ceiling or on a string mounted from the ceiling. Don’t be afraid to get weird.

You have lots of ways to group together eclectic home décor and fake plants. For premium artificial plants in home décor, check them out at today. Think about the possibilities!
Andrew Lu