A faux plant and a table. One goes on the other. You put the plant in the middle and done. Everything’s ready.

…not quite. Sure, it seems fairly straightforward how to set up a faux plant on a table. It’s also a very empty scene when you have a lonely plant sitting in the middle of a dining room table like that.

Here are some different styles you can use to properly showcase a plant and other décor on a tabletop.

Select A Centerpiece

You don’t want to put any ole’ plant on the table. Find a centerpiece. A plant you’re proud of. It doesn’t necessarily need to be eye-catching. Just something that speaks to you. Tag it with a planter or vase that’s similarly suitable to the occasion.

Small Décor Here And There

If you don’t want the traditional centerpiece of an artificial plant, an alternative is to use small faux plants and spread them around the table in tiny planters or similar setups. This only works when you have a sizeable table to move things around on.

Tablescape v. Centerpiece

A third option, instead of a singular centerpiece or randomized small plants spread out, is to cluster together small-to-medium-sized artificial plants at the center and then build it out length-wise. Note that all guests should be able to see over the plants face-to-face and be able to interact comfortably for this to work.

Decorate With Color

Find a color palette and then find ways to blend in those colors around the plant. Ribbon and string are popular ways to do this. Cut-up colored paper. Broken colored glass. LED lights. You have all sorts of ways to tuck a faux plant in with tons of color that match it to a seasonal or party theme.

Complementary Décor

Once you have the most trendy, realistic-looking fake plant on the table, it shouldn’t exist independent of everything else on the table. If you’ve used color, try to duplicate those tones inside placemats or the tablecloth. Add ceramic décor that matches the shape. There are at least a few different options on how you can do this.

Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables can get rather colorful. A popular option, i.e. a summer tropical-themed artificial plant table setup, is to blend in similar-looking or colored foods such as pineapples and berries.

Hang It Above

Let’s say you’re having a BBQ and there’s all this delicious food on your table. A plant may not necessarily fit the summertime aesthetic here, especially if the table’s small. Try hanging your artificial plants instead, in baskets and planters above or immediately beside the table.

Blend In Rustic Elements

Fake plants look real. Try working in some other natural materials, such as wood, river rocks, and similar textured items. This works exceptionally well with a rustic-inspired table setting. Take out candles or a lantern come sundown and that’s a stunning, warm, and ambient set!

Keep The Volume Low

You never want a tall plant on your tabletop. If someone has to strain their neck to look around to speak to someone on the other side of the table, that’s a problem. Your artificial plants and faux flowers can have some volume but the greenery should not extend past the sternum of any seated guest.

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Andrew Lu