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Article: Top 6 Places To Order A Planter Online

Top 6 Places To Order A Planter Online

Planters can be anything. Converted wood. Bamboo. Cement. Ceramic. Glass. Commercial. Homemade. Cute. Scary. Stylish. Vintage. Planters come in all sorts of unique styles, some manufactured and sold in stores and others handmade and one-of-a-kind.

If you love plants, every plant indoors needs itself a planter to match. This is a perfect chance to express a little bit of yourself without conflicting with the natural aesthetic of your greenery. A planter not only does that but will attract the eye to your favourite greens and help infuse the room with joy, warmth, and personality.

If you’re looking for the best places to shop planters, here are the top 6 sites to order a planter online.


H&M, yes that’s right. A clothing brand, sure. They also have a unique line of small, trendy decorative planters available in numerous colors and patterns. If all you have is a single plant or small collection to keep in your bedroom, you may find exactly what you’re looking for in a contemporary style at H&M.

World Market

World Market has a vast home décor selection. Lots of planter types exist here from hanging planters to tall types. If you really want to accent your greenery and don’t mind moving away from minimalist, World Market has lots of handmade or hand-printed goods that deliver on appearance and atmosphere.


If you aren’t sure where to buy a minimalist planter, Amazon is a natural place to look. Those who don’t want to get overly complicated with their search and assuming they already have an Amazon account, ordering a planter online from them is easy and quick. You can shop according to style, type, material, and size. There is lots to see here and a great way to discover what style of planter you like and perhaps which ones you don’t.

West Elm

West Elm has a definitive style. Boho and mid-century modern. Searching for the right planter within these parameters, you will definitely find some options at West Elm. They vary in price, material, and color, offering you lots of gorgeous possibilities for everywhere from your floor to tabletops.


Artiplanto offers stylish, Instagram-friendly planters ready for the plucking! Find planters in all manners of shape and size. Included in their list are hanging planters, cement planters, natural planters, and more. There’s something for everyone, from old-fashioned classics to modern minimalist planters that elevate your space. For the planter of your dreams, you may just find it here.


Etsy is an arts and crafts storefront. The planters you find here are in line with more unique and artistic aesthetics. There is a wide variety of affordable planters here in all styles, perfect for succulents, plantscapes, and more. If you’re new to plants, you may feel a little overwhelmed here. Etsy selections do not always fall in line with trends, either, with third-party vendors crafting their own products according to their tastes. This leaves a lot of room for buying a planter that doesn’t match up to modern expectations, for better or for worse.

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