The travellers palm tree was named as such because of the plant’s stems’ natural ability to hold rainwater. For vagabonds and nomads travelling a long time ago, the travellers palm tree is believed to have been used as a sort of emergency drinking supply. Since then, it’s become a decorative palm tree often used as a houseplant in North America.

An artificial travellers palm tree is arguably a more friendly alternative to the real thing. They inherently don’t need any sort of attention to survive. You will always have a beautiful plant resembling the real thing and ensuring none of your guests or roommates are any the wiser about what they’re looking at.

The best 10 places to get a faux travellers palm tree online show you several possible choices. Here they are.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural offers some very pretty palm trees and faux tropical plants to choose from. The variety is overwhelming at times. For what you can get for a few dollars, you may find the detail lacking.

Home Depot

Home Depot offers a mix of decorative palm trees and accent-ready artificial plants all at affordable prices. It is a very quick and easy way to shop although this is another place where you’ll notice the lack of realistic-looking detail in their palm compared to other sources.


Amazon is the easiest place to buy faux plants online but is it the best… probably not. The convenience of it and with shipping being what it is, it is where you will probably pay the least although what you receive will certainly look like that.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Brand has in-stock a small selection of faux travellers palm tree plants and other faux greenery that you may enjoy. They are another convenient place to look although if you truly want to splurge on an artificial palm, you may want to try elsewhere.


Earthflora is a growing artificial plants brand that offers several tropical palm trees, including travellers palm tree plants. For just about any space, a faux travellers palm from Earthflora can neatly fit in and brighten up a room instantly with its banana-esque leaves and authentically detailed greenery.


Wayfair has a unique collection of faux plants and flowers at various price points. Like other retailers who do not specialize in artificial palm trees and the like, however, you won’t find the craftsmanship here that you will at a premium brand like Artiplanto or others.


Houzz offers some borderline incredible-looking travellers palm tree plants, however, their price tag’s equally incredibly high. Once you get to this price point, you really want to shop around ensuring you get the best deal. You can easily pay $1,000s for premium-quality travellers palm trees but you don’t have to necessarily.


Artiplanto succeeds where other brands like Wayfair and Houzz fail. Not only do you receive a premium-quality travellers palm tree plant but the cost isn’t necessarily as high as other brands specializing in fake plants.


Yes, Walmart is an easy place to shop for faux travellers palm tree plants but when it comes to quality, you will find the bare minimum here. If you don’t want to spend big though, a faux travellers palm from Walmart gets the job done.


IKEA has a small artificial plant selection. Their faux travellers palm tree is nothing to write home about but due to the popularity of the IKEA brand, it is a plant often purchased and that’s why we’ve included it here.

Andrew Lu