Banana isn’t a fruit that drops out of the sky. No, no! It’s grown on a tree. That’s the banana tree.

A banana tree is a type of herbaceous perennial. They can live for years and years if they’re maintained properly. They usually have layers of leaves and stems, and are a very beautiful tropical plant. The unfortunate thing is that banana plants and banana trees aren’t often successful living in a North American climate.

Fortunately, the alternative for home decorators and people who enjoy the look of banana trees is to go with a faux version. Though we know artificial plants get a bad rap, if you know the websites to go buying an artificial banana tree online from, you can actually get a very real-looking faux plant that you don’t need to do much more than make sure it doesn’t get dusty. Here are the top 5 places to get an artificial banana tree online.

Home Depot

Home Depot has a nice selection of artificial plants and trees to buy, including a faux banana tree. You choose to put yours on display all on its own or craft a centerpiece-style garden showcasing not only your banana tree but other décor or plants of your choosing. Home Depot pricing can sometimes be a little higher than preferred for some but the quality of their goods certainly isn’t debatable. You can get a fair-quality banana tree from Home Depot that’ll last.


Wayfair artificial plants don’t come with any sort of how-to care guide and you don’t need a green thumb to own one. Buy an artificial banana tree from Wayfair and rest assured that it’ll meet every expectation on the décor front. They do a great job at manufacturing realistic fake plants even if some of the detail up close is a little less than more specialty brands. If you are shopping for the best artificial banana tree at the best price, Wayfair’s on the list of brands to check.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel specializes in home décor. That’s the angle from which they approach their collection of best-selling artificial plants. Their faux banana tree is a particularly beautiful one. Remember, any fake plant from any of these brands you don’t have to water or do anything. They’re taken care of! Though Crate & Barrel has a limited selection of artificial plants, their banana tree is worth inclusion on this list for its quality and value. A lively choice if there ever was one.


Overstock has a large variety of fake plants to its name, with hundreds of possibilities in plant décor. If you haven’t shopped fake plants before and don’t necessarily know where to go, Overstock is a common brand that a lot of people land on. You have the chance to see fake plants commercially-manufactured to preserve the true-to-life detail from their real counterpart. While more premium brands and better artificial banana tree designs exist, Overstock is unquestionably easy to shop with and reliable.


Artiplanto offers a premium artificial banana tree that will stun you with how real it looks! If it’s realism that is your top priority, shop with Artiplanto. They not only have plenty of faux trees but also lots of tabletop plants, hanging plants, boxwood topiaries, cute planters, and more. You won’t be disappointed. They’re a great place to turn to if you know your banana tree will be displayed for the season or longer. The handcrafted detail really stands out in comparison with other brands.
Andrew Lu