More than 70 different species of snake plants exist. Native to tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, we don’t have very many real snake plants in North America. Though a beautiful plant, there is easier greenery to maintain.

Your best bet at having a snake plant is to buy fake plants online. An artificial snake plant is maintenance-free, encapsulates the details of its real counterpart, and can last much, much longer compared to any plant living and breathing.

There are lots of places to buy faux snake plants, fortunately. If you’re going to have artificial greenery, you want to have it from somewhere that doesn’t do it cheaply. Here are the top 6 places to get fake snake plants online.


Wayfair has everything. Home décor. Plants and pots. Faux plants. You can nab a hefty amount of décor here. The downside with Wayfair is that they aren’t a specialty brand. They’re like Walmart. They’re great in their own way but you don’t get a personal touch and the details on faux plants are often compromised.


Amazon is where you can seemingly find almost any fake plant. If you’re determined to buy something unique and unexpected, Amazon is where you will most likely find it. In terms of a selection of snake plants, they do have everything you need. That said, Amazon fake plants will often fall on the side of being a little cheaper than other brands. If you’re just using them for a single occasion, Amazon may be your best bet. If you intend to put your snake plant on display, you might want to consider alternatives.

West Elm

West Elm has plants for every budget. When it comes to fake snake plants, you can find some amazing offers here at the right time of year. West Elm is another eCommerce source that maintains a large inventory of décor. Their snake plants look real enough but they are far from West Elm’s specialty. That said, for a quick, easy, and convenient online plant shopping experience, West Elm makes the list.


Etsy is an arts and crafts shop. It’s where you can go to find lots of unique gifts and décor. With fake plants, Etsy has a small selection of handcrafted options. With fake snake plants, you will discover an eclectic mix that often eschews realism in favor of self-expression and uniqueness. There’s nothing with that inherently, either. If you’re looking to add a lively, expressive fake sansevieria indoors, try Etsy.

Home Depot

Home Depot is where you can find some great artificial plants albeit the varieties are limited. Anyone intimidated by the thought of a fake snake plant or if this is your first artificial plant, shopping at Home Depot can help to de-stress things a bit. You have all your measurements, specifications, and you can most definitely find what it is that you’re looking for. The difficulty thereby becomes whether it looks real to you or not. The reaction on that among buyers is mixed.


Artiplanto specializes in fake snake plants, faux flowers, artificial plants, and other forms of greenery. No one captures detail like this brand does, with design teams in Montreal and New York leading the way on realistic-looking artificial plants that you can’t tell aren’t real. Browse massive collections of faux greenery to find the right snake plant for your décor or pair it with another variety.

Andrew Lu