Bamboo is a type of evergreen. As a plant, it is a perennial and is a flowering plant or grass. Bamboo can be somewhat difficult to maintain as an indoor plant because it needs high amounts of nitrogen during summer, a balanced fertilizer, and needs to be kept watered but not overwatered. 

An artificial bamboo plant may be a better option to some, upholding the strong and stable appearance of bamboo with none of the daily responsibilities that come with caring for living greenery.

Here are the best 6 places to get a bamboo plant online, real and faux alike. Choose your best match.


You can’t go wrong buying from IKEA. What the bamboo plant lacks in detail it arguably makes up for on price. IKEA is often relied upon for home décor and the like, an easy resource if you’re buying a bamboo plant online and need it delivered to you quickly. That said, you won’t necessarily get the same mileage out of an IKEA fake plant as you will something from a more specialized brand a la Artiplanto.

Bed Bath & Beyond

It should come as no surprise that Bed Bath & Beyond has some fairly high-quality fake bamboo plants. Their artificial plant section is stacked with faux plants, trees, and flowers, including the aforementioned bamboo. They are worth having a look at. Like all of Bed Bath & Beyond’s product lines, their plants do vary in price. That said, most are fairly budget-friendly.

Home Depot

You may not think Home Depot when you’re buying a bamboo plant online but they’re an underrated resource for middle-of-the-line pricing on fun, quality real and artificial bamboo plants. Craft your own plant arrangement with stunning stems, bouquets, greenery, and expressive bamboo plants and trees. You will find all sorts of exquisite décor possibilities here, especially if you’re experienced with how to decorate with plants.


Amazon is the place to buy if you’re looking for a cheap bamboo plant. Though the quality varies, Amazon artificial plants are used everywhere from general homes to offices, restaurants, and outdoors. A bamboo plant from Amazon can be snagged easily and delivered quickly, and provides you with a decent-quality, semi-realistic faux plant centerpiece to put on display.


Overstock is known for relatively cheap, okay-looking artificial plants. With an artificial bamboo plant, if you don’t have a lot to spend but still want the presence of this type of greenery, Overstock can probably help. They offer silk plants, easy shipping and delivery, and err on the side of deals and discounts. That said, you may sacrifice some quality on a lot of their faux plant offerings. After all, this isn’t a faux plant company. They are a furniture company. Enough said.


Top-notch premium artificial bamboo plants can be found at Artiplanto. They are one of the best faux plant stores in the country, with a wide selection of artificial plants including bamboo. Handcrafted, true-to-life in the detail where it counts, you can rely on Artiplanto for plants that make an impression and that are made to last. If you’re looking for a statement-making investment in a faux bamboo plant, try here first.
Andrew Lu