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Article: Top 5 Ways to Create a Hanging Indoor Garden

Top 5 Ways to Create a Hanging Indoor Garden

Top 5 Ways to Create a Hanging Indoor Garden

Creativity has no limits so why should you limit your vision when it comes to creating a hanging indoor garden? With that being said many of us may have this question of where to start, as indoor hanging gardens are not something that would suit every home. 

However there is something about plants that brings a different level of majestic charm when they are placed off the ground. It is never just one thing as there are so many perspectives, so read on to discover how an indoor hanging garden is one of the biggest trends for a number of reasons. 


Choosing to decorate your home with something simple yet elegant like hanging plants does not have to be expensive. Not a lot of us envision bags with an indoor garden, but if you keep an open mind; you will be surprised how bags serve as the perfect solution. Bags come in many sizes and materials so they are a great way to create a creative shrine with hanging plants. Although every bag will look amazing to display a hanging plant, yet there is something beautiful about choosing a natural material like a jute to display a hanging plant. 


Whether your home has high or low ceilings hanging indoor plants from the ceiling is a great way to add a creative green touch to any home. The best way to transform your ceiling with hanging indoor plants is by using rustic jute string hangers or metal hooks. When choosing hanging plants to display from the ceiling, choose simple plants like herbs that do not grow too tall and can be easily maintained. 


There is nothing wrong in creating something artistic by adding a frame to hanging indoor plants. Don’t be afraid to do something out of the box or use colorful frame edges. Whatever size or colored frame you choose will bring a great style statement to a simple arrangement of indoor hanging plants.


The bond that a plant and trellis display is very hard to express in words. So don’t question the harmony — just go with. Sometimes keeping things simple can bring a very flamboyant charm to any hanging indoor garden. Whether it is a small installation or you want to make a big bold statement, trellis is a perfect way to add a pop of color to showcase some greenery or vibrant flowers. 

Suction cup

With our fast paced lifestyle we are always thinking about space saving solutions and suction cups are the best way to create a herb garden you always dreamed about. Also if you are someone who likes to bring the vibrant flowers in your bedroom suction cups are a great way to display some hanging plants proudly. 

As unusual and weird it may seem at first to decorate your home by displaying hanging plants you will never regret the decision. In fact in many homes it is the perfect way to create a focal point or a conversation starter as we all tend to get attracted towards plants that are displayed creatively. 

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