It's a no brainer that anything that is made out of quality materials can be easily spotted from something that is made cheap. However sometimes when it comes to spotting the difference between a good quality rug and an inferior quality rug can be a difficult choice. 

Rugs are not what they used to be; as many of them are made on machines instead of artisans — using cheap synthetic material to supply the huge demand. Although they may look and feel the same but when it comes to durability there is nor comparison. 

When choosing to buy a quality rug online always consider the right size and a trustful dealer. Read on to discover a few more factors that can help you become a pro in spotting a cheap rug vs a quality rug almost instantly. 


An authentic rug that is handcrafted requires a lot of attention to detail. So if you look closely it is a quality rug made up of natural fibers that are tied together with knots to create an elegant rug and every piece is unique. 

In comparison to a handmade rug a cheap rug may look and even feel like an authentic rug; but the truth is revealed when you look closely. Cheap rugs are mass produced to create the same design, color and made from synthetic fabrics like nylon and polypropylene that look nothing like wool or silk and this in the long run affects their durability. 


If you are looking to find a fine quality rug then be ready to pay the price. Designer rugs made from silk and wool that require craftsman hours of work to create one unique piece are priced at the value that will guarantee durability that would not fade with time. 

As cheap rugs are often mass produced their price is not too expensive and every style has a specific price range. Starting as cheap as $10 the cost of a cheap rug that looks almost like an authentic rug can range up to $200 for a large to medium size that will be used to display in a living room or kitchen space. 


The color that is used to make rugs is one of the easiest way to distinguish a cheap rug from an authentic quality rug. As the dye used to make a traditional handmade rug is natural dyes, it tends to fade with time. However the dyeing process is a lot more tedious and it takes a long time to dye the fabric than a chemical dye so this also contributes to the higher price of a handmade rug. 

Cheap rugs are dyed with chemical dyes which last longer but are not so environmental friendly.  The dye used to make cheap rugs is not too pricey; this is another reason why cheap rugs are inexpensive. 

Like investing in a piece of artwork it's about the value of the product the quality of the rug is defined by three main factors: material, dye used and the process of manufacturing. 

andrew lu