Whether you choose to buy a rug on the recommendation of a professional designer or it is a personal choice, either way it is a very big decision. 

Like everything else it always comes down to choosing a quality product. So when you are ready and looking to purchase a rug that will match your style statement and would be worth the price based on its quality it will be worth flaunting. 

One of the most prominent factors is the fabric. Selecting the right fabric will determine the durability and cost of the rug. Next the most common way to determine the rug quality is by feeling its texture. 

If you are buying a rug online it can be more difficult to choose than you can imagine, so read on to discover some pro tips and tricks to help make this decision easy. 


It’s all about the appearance when buying anything quality. With that being said rugs come in various sizes and shapes so just have an open mind when looking for a quality rug. Don’t be afraid to embrace the irregularities that may appear; especially in the dimensions of a square or rectangular shaped rug. However, always make sure to ensure that the edges of the rug do not curl up — as quality rugs will have pristine edges, otherwise it's a dead give away that something is not right. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to quality rugs is they may appear washed out or bright so make sure to look at them carefully. 


The time it takes to make a rug and the process that is used to make it determines the quality of the rug. So make sure to choose a pattern that is woven or knotted. Whatever pattern you choose most of the quality rugs are made by weaving natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk. Quality rugs made by machines can be very tempting as they are not what they used to be. Whether you decide to buy a quality handmade rug or a machine made rug the number of knots that appear on the rug define its quality. The less known secret about quality rugs with knots is that often artisans add color variations and tones when working on knots.  


The material used to make a rug defines its lifespan. So making a choice can be not easy as it may seem as it might be tempting to buy a rug made from synthetic fibres like nylon or polypropylene. Natural fibers like wool, cotton, silk are often hand crafted and always  are the best when it comes to picking a quality rug. So avoid rugs that are made with synthetic fibers as there are a lot of options of natural fibre rugs out there. 

Finding a quality rug online also depends on where you buy it. If you are looking for something that is priced right and looks elegant; Artiplanto has a great variety of options to buy a rug that suits every home. To make things a little bit more easy every product on artiplanto comes with a detailed description of the product which helps you to envision your dream home decor which seems complete with a quality rug. 

andrew lu