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Article: Top 5 Plants You Need to See on Cyber Monday Deal

Top 5 Plants You Need to See on Cyber Monday Deal

Top 5 Plants You Need to See on Cyber Monday Deal

Cyber Monday is almost here. Past Black Friday by a few days, Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day of the year for those who like to shop online.

Gearing up for what’s likely to be a fast-moving day, ArtiPlanto is North America’s top fake plant dealer.

Using design teams in Montreal and New York, we design by hand down to the finest detail artificial plants.

Premium-made plants by the boatload are waiting to exit our warehouses to homes and businesses all across Canada and the US.

When is Cyber Monday – this year, it’s on November 30, 2020. Here are the top 5 plants on sale this day that you’ve got to see for yourself.

Peace Lily Plants

Peace lily plants, aka spathiphyllum, are a challenge to take care of during winter as a houseplant.

Fortunately, the artificial peace lily plant is far easier. It doesn’t require anything other than a keen eye for placement. It’s a perfect size for any room in the home. On looks alone, it’s no wonder peace lilies are the preferred plant choice of so many homeowners and interior decorators.

Fiddle Leaf Plants

A fiddle leaf plant is large, vibrant, and a great example of houseplant greenery.

The foliage’s adaptability makes it a favored choice for both homes and offices. Lush and statement-worthy, fiddle leafs are a fine way to brighten up dark corners. If the classic fiddle leaf isn’t inspiring anything in you, check out the next plant on this list.

Olive Tree Plants

Olive trees are wild and classic in appearance, a symbol of peace and wisdom that’s been planted for centuries.

Though they normally root in climates outside of North America, you can have a faux olive tree in your home without issue. The plant positions a breathtaking cluster of chaotic greenery atop a long thin rail that is the stem.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Plants

The most in-demand tropical plant is the palm. When we think of palms, the Hawaii Kwai palm tree is what usually comes to mind.

Fake plants aren’t supposed to look this real. From ArtiPlanto though, you’d be shocked at how authentic the Hawaii Kwai palm tree looks. Long and tall, it’s a potted plant that’s breezy, premium-made, and will make you feel warm and tropical just by glancing its way.

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is a trendy plant, known for its grow-ability and eco-friendliness. As a faux plant, it’s a genuine masterpiece from a design standpoint.

An artificial bamboo plant has got some height to it and positions inviting bamboo leaves in a natural setting.

The branches are moldable, as they are on every ArtiPlanto faux plant. This means you can manufacture the exact look you want just by manipulating shape.

When Cyber Monday swings into town at the tail end of November, don’t waste time. Put an artificial plant on your list to cross off on the big day. In our catalogue, you’ll find not only these top 5 plants but so much more. Find the best fake plants at the best prices anywhere in North America on Cyber Monday deal from ArtiPlanto.

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