Multiple studies have shown how human beings are happier and more productive with plants around.

One of the most sought-after plants, due to its wily feel and small size, is easily the sansevieria or snake plant.

Also known as a mother-in-law’s tongue, a snake plant is the perfect plant for a space that’s designed to be bright, pretty, and productive.

What do you do though when you aren’t such a fan of the watering, care, and maintenance which comes with houseplants – well, at that point, your turn to artificial snake plants and fortunately, they’re on sale at ArtiPlanto this Black Friday.

What Is A Snake Plant?

Snake plants come from Africa. They are known to be very tolerant and adaptive. Their architectural shape and unique leaves are no doubt their most defining characteristics. Homeowners love them because they never look neglected, especially when they’re a fake plant.

Why A Fake Plant?

Fake plants are a great addition to any home, office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living space.

Premium-made and handcrafted from ArtiPlanto, these are some of the most realistic-looking artificial plants on the market.

A snake plant is one of the easier yet difficult looks to duplicate as a fake plant. It requires a commitment to getting the detail right. Through our design teams in Montreal and New York, we’ve achieved the perfect sansevieria plant – totally artificial and with no upkeep needed.

In interior design and home decorating, fake plants are in style. Among Instagrammers, influencers, and millennials, we have also seen a popularity spike in the past decade.

You don’t need a green thumb to tend to an artificial plant. All you have to know is where to place it.

Black Friday is the Perfect Sales Day to Buy Fake Plants

Black Friday prices are notoriously the best of the year.

It’s a time when we’re all starting our holiday shopping and there’s a sense of excitement in the air around the thrills of winter, Christmas, and possible snow on the way.

The best Black Friday deals are absolutely online.

Though home décor doesn’t get its fair props during this time of year, for people passionate about interior design, you can save $100s off everything from storage and organization products to, yes, you guessed it, fake plants.

Find the best discounts for Black Friday from ArtiPlanto. We not only have fake snake plants but fiddle leaf potted plants, spathiphyllum leaf plants, Bird of Paradise plants, palm trees, olive trees, monster plants, Korea bamboo plants, and more.

There’s an artificial plant out there for everyone.

A plant like a sansevieria is the perfect faux tabletop plant, aesthetically charming but hardly distracting.

You don’t have to have a real plant to feel the vibes from it. Even fake plants can keep you focused, entertained, and minimize stress and anxiety.

This Black Friday, check us out at ArtiPlanto. Brighten up your room this winter with a cozy snake plant. An essential part to home décor, greenery like this lasts forever. The sale, however, won’t. Grab yours this November.
andrew lu