We see palm trees in places like warm and sunny climates, on tropical beaches, and along oceanfront roads.

They’re a beautiful type of tree, with large fan-shaped leaves, fiber-covered trunks, and a presence that’s uniquely their own.

There are dozens of types of palm trees in the world, with some more adaptable as a houseplant than others.

If you’re looking to grow a palm tree indoors, here are the top 5 most common palm trees to consider.

Pygmy Date Palm Tree

The pygmy date palm is known to have a spiky trunk and is one of the smaller sized palm trees. Granted, the pygmy palm still grows up to three metres high.

Pygmy palm trees are often used as ornamental trees in landscaped gardens. Their drooping leaves almost hide the trunk. They grow well in containers. They’re a favourite of decorators searching for smaller palms.

Triangle Palm Plant

The triangle palm plant is a majestic tree with several fronds fanning out from the trunk. The extended long fronds grow up to 2.5 metres long and communicate a triangle shape. This is achievable with some faux palm trees as well, manipulating the shape according to your preference.

Like with other trees, the triangle palm is very ornamental. It fits well into any subtropical and tropical garden. In terms of a backyard tree, the look of a triangle is very welcoming. An ideal landscape choice!

Christmas Palm Tree

A Christmas palm tree is a miniature type of palm, perfect for gardens and is one of the most popular palm tree choices for ornamental gardens around the world. This palm does not grow taller than 25 feet in height though there are smaller varieties that will stop at 15 feet.

If you are searching for a palm tree to put in your garden, you can buy palm trees online with ease. Like with any plant, they are prone to trouble depending on moisture, climate, and temperature as well as exposure to sunlight and environmental conditions. If you’re in doubt, consider an artificial palm tree.

Chinese Fan Palm Tree

A Chinese fan palm tree is native to Asia. It is a single-stemmed palm tree with characteristic drooping leaves. These palms can grow to be up to 15 metres high and with a spread of approximately 4 metres.

If you’ve never had a palm tree before and are looking for something tropical yet distinct and unexpected, a Chinese palm tree is a great choice. While looking like a palm, it’s still very much its’ own tree.

Pindo Palm Tree

A pindo palm tree, aka the ‘jelly palm’ is a cold-hardy tree. It grows slow and is perfect for residential landscapes. That said, they can climb up to 6 metres in height. For gardens where a small palm is needed, a pindo will work for a time.

A pindo palm works best in full sun conditions. Fortunately, it is tolerant in most soils and isn’t particular when it comes to growing. The fruit the palm provides is a light orange or brown and, just like the name suggests, can be used to make jelly.

For more types of palm trees, including faux palm trees and artificial plants, visit ArtiPlanto today. Create a paradise on your landscaped property, inside and out. You don’t have to be in a warm country to enjoy the beauty of a palm.
andrew lu