Buying fake plants – here’s your guide.

As you’ll find, there are some very real fake plants out there and then some lesser-quality options on the market.

Interior designers and homeowners often make mistakes in choosing and using faux plants. As skilled as one may be at situating an artificial plant, if it looks totally fake, you’re out of luck. Fashionable real-looking fake plants exist. Here are some tips on what you need to know when buying fake plants.

Support v. the Highlight

Silk plants fit into two categories from a design standpoint. Some support what’s already in the room. Then, others create the feel of a space. What you choose should be according to its purpose. The most appealing plants are those which fit picture-perfect where they sit.

Style It Like A Real Plant

When you have an artificial plant, style it just like you would a real plant. Natural elements like moss, rocks, an attractive pot or planter, and other accessories create a genuine plant presentation.

Avoid Gimmicks

This guide for buying fake plants isn’t going to go without mentioning there are a lot of gimmicky accessorizing happening in the marketplace today. Fake rain droplets, an overly glossy finish, or similar accents make a real-looking plant look cheap. Always go for organic, natural plants comparable to the real thing.

You Will Never Kill A Fake Plant

The best thing about a fake plant, for most people, is you’ll never kill it. It will always look its extraordinary best. That said, dust can be an issue. Over time, artificial plants can accumulate debris from around a room. Be sure to inspect them semi-regularly and to wipe them down with a microfiber cloth when/if necessary.

Mimic A Setting for Real Plants

Fake plants make for a high-value interior design component. They’re used best when they’re somewhere that mimics real plant survival conditions. Ideally, this is somewhere relatively well-lit. An artificial plant sitting in the dark isn’t as natural.

It’s Worth Paying A Little Extra

Silk plant design tech has come a long way in the past two decades. Though there are still terrible-looking fake plants out there, they sell for cheap now. A premium-made fake plant has uber-realistic color, texture, and detail. By spending a little more upfront, you get the best-looking greenery that’s going to last a lifetime.

Buy Fake-Looking Real Plants That Are Fake (What!)

Some of the best artificial plants mimic the look of plants that already have a sort of ‘fake’ aesthetic. Think aloe plants, fiddle leaf fig trees, air plants, snake plants, banana trees, philodendrons, ferns, Bird of Paradise, and succulents. The real version of these already have a faux-esque look to them. This is obviously very beneficial when it comes to buying faux plants.

Think About How to Reinvent Your Fake Plants

Fake plants don’t have to look the same for years on end. Having the same arrangement for months can be boring. When you buy artificial plants, consider different combinations and innovative ways you can feature them. Sometimes, this is adding a new plant. You can move them around the room, re-form their shape through the wires, and more.

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andrew lu