Having faux plants in your house can be a mood-boosting ornament, key to maintaining one’s mental health at times like these.

COVID-19 has been tough on all of us. One way or another, we’ve all had to adjust.

Though artificial plants might not be the first thing on your mind, they can spruce up a space, impress family and guests, and give you something to focus on while we’re all stuck at home wondering when this storm is going to pass.

Here are some of the other benefits of having faux plants in your home during COVID-19.

Faux Plants Are Real

Yes, faux plants are real. They are, in a way. A plant has a short window where it looks its best. Crafting an artificial plant, you want the most natural-looking result possible. This involves going so far as to handcraft details in the leaves, stem, and trunk. Top to bottom, fake plants from a premium brand like ArtiPlanto look so real you won’t believe they aren’t. 

Faux Plants Are Safe

Although real plants are lovely and improve air quality, they also cause allergic reactions, are toxic to pets and young children who may ingest them, and they attract pests. When you use a faux plant, these aren’t attracting pests and they are non-toxic. This makes it possible for homeowners to have toxic plants like lilies, aloe vera, and cactus plants indoors.

Faux Plants Are Low Maintenance

The biggest problem with artificial plants are that they could accumulate dust. They need no water, manure, soil, trimming, sunlight, or special climate conditions. Even if you don’t have enough time to care for a real plant, it doesn’t matter with an artificial plant. The look isn’t compromised at any point.

Faux Plants Are Versatile Decorations

Artificial plants are very versatile. They fit perfectly into a wide variety of décor themes. From foliage to plants and exotic trees, there’s a faux plant out there for everyone. Designers use artificial plants indoors to design vertical gardens, hanging plant schemes, indoor hedges, decorative branches, and more.

Faux Plants Are the Best Indoor Plant Option

Indoor plants can notoriously be difficult to grow. This is because every plant requires a certain amount of sunlight, moisture, feed, and air exposure to survive. Outside, this is very possible. Challenges present inside. Fake plants, however, do not have any such needs. They can be placed anywhere in the home – even in the darkest of areas – and still look utterly amazing.

Faux Plants Make It Possible to Have Exotic Plants

Some plants and trees don’t grow so well in North America. On top of that, exotic plants can unfortunately be expensive. The benefits of faux plants are that they present an aesthetic. They don’t restrict a household to what they can grow, seasonal plants, or low-maintenance plants. Combing through fake plants, you will find aesthetics taken from around the world and all handcrafted in the finest detail.

Check out perfectly detailed, trimmed, and maintained faux plants from ArtiPlanto. Indoors and outdoors, artificial plants are your entryway to greenery you won’t be able to pass up. Visit ArtiPlanto today.
andrew lu