Artificial plants have the worst reputation when it comes to home accessories right after plastic couch and waterbeds — as they are a reminder on an obvious space that gathers dust. 

In 2020 artificial plants are changing this mindset as people are becoming more aware of the beauty artificial plants bring into any home. 

As home decor has transformed and changed with time, faux plants have evolved too and are amazing for people who do not have a green thumb. To make sure you are updated with the top 2020 artificial plants read on as they are better than real plants in many ways. 

Birds of Paradise

Whether you are looking to blossom the corners in your home or create a charm — the Bird of Paradise is the perfect addition. Also this faux plant resonates love and thoughtfulness making it the perfect romantic gift. 

The vibrant colours of the Bird of Paradise faux plant look great set in a basket in the corner of a bedroom or living room. Further it is very  eye-catching, yet blend well in any kind of environment. 

Artificial Bird of Pararise Plant | Artiplanto

Fiddle Leaf

Nothing is a match to a faux Fiddle leaf potted plant. They are one of the most popular plants in 2020 too, this is no surprise as they just add beauty almost instantly. The Fiddle Leaf plant features very large, violin shaped leaves that bring a flamboyant aura — making them an ideal house accessory for any home. 

Further with a regular dusting a faux Fiddle Leaf plant looks great in doorways, hallways, fireplaces. As they blend in perfectly to match any home decor. 

Palm trees

Thinking of adding a tropical charm to your home — a faux Palm tree is a great solution. Also known as the symbol of life artificial Palm trees are a very popular patio plant. It is a great indoor plant too as they help create a warm, harmonious and a welcoming atmosphere to host guests, family and friends. 


It is an ideal piece of decor for any home that cherishes greenery year round — Philodendron plant is a classic choice as it looks great indoors and outdoors! Further their key quality to be adaptable to any decor makes them a must have artificial plant in 2020. 


If you are looking to make a big and bold statement in your home decor Monstera is the best choice. Also known as the cheese plant Monstera gets this name from the amazing swiss cheese like looking leaves. 

The vibrant charm a Monstera resonates makes it a must have houseplant in 2020. They look best in living and dining rooms where your guests can admire them for their flamboyant beauty. 

Snake Plant 

Also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria, Snake plants are becoming increasingly popular. The amazingly striking lines and hardiness, the Snake plants brings to any home as a houseplant makes them a great accessory to show off. 

When choosing to buy faux plant online — pick the dark green leaves; leaves that are too pale are an instant giveaway that the plant is fake. Also as they propagate towards the ceiling consider placing them on tall plant stands and ceramic pots to make them look more attractive. 

Alexandru Popa