With the new decade are you ready to decorate your office with the best accessory? It may seem surprising but artificial plants are making a comeback in 2020; as they increase positivity — further seeing greenery and nature helps create a relaxed and calm environment which in turn benefits an overall everyday mood. 

There is no doubt artificial plants are the best accessory when it comes to decorate an office space with some modern elements. In 2020 we bring you top four ways that are slaying that look with no little or effort. 


We all love flowers especially — bouquets have a special place when it comes to decorating in an office space as they look modern with a touch of personal element which suits almost any decor. 

When choosing flowers for your bouquet always remember less is more; while choosing the right colours is key — keep things simple with a mix of pastel colours as loud colours may seem to fade the look you have in mind. If you have to make a bold and loud statement in your decor then choose peony flowers in your bouquet. 

Hanging plants 

If you are looking to add texture and depth to your decor hanging plants and glass terrariums are the way to go as they come in various sizes and shapes to match any type of office decor; whether it is super formal or chic casual they just blend in well. 

We choosing terrariums choose the right balance of moss, pebbles and plants — as succulents have a certain charm when overdone just don’t blend with anything. 

If you decide to go with traditional artificial hanging plants choose cool plants planters — the most common ones today are wooden which mimic a rustic look that creates a wow factor in any office. 


Sky's the limit when it comes to planters as they are so many materials out there such as wood, crystals, ceramic and jute to choose from if you want to ditch the traditional look and pick something cool. 

Do not go overboard as this may lead to fading away the emphasis an artificial plant is equally important. So if you do decide to choose a funky planter choose a faux plant that will further enhance your office space than being lost without the planter. 

Tropical touch 

There is nothing like a weighed down, banana tree or palm tree to bring tropical vibes into your office space. Further if you play your cards right by choosing a great basket you have got yourself the best deal there is in the market that stays flawless with a casual dusting. 

Decorating with artificial plants in 2020 is all about being minimalistic yet choosing pieces that are right for your space. As they are several amazing varieties to choose from at artiplanto all you have to do is buy the best to resonate your dream vision of a modern and stylish office. 

Alexandru Popa