What are the spathiphyllum leaf common problems and why should you have it fake?

Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is vibrant tropical plant commonly native to rainforests, which is one of the most popular indoor plants. There are many varieties of the plant available in the market today. 

Peace Lilies are one of the beautiful houseplants as they have a flamboyant dark green foliage that gracefully blends in with any home decor. 

Along with their artistic foliage the Peace Lily flowers are very beautiful as they are one of the everlasting blooms that tend to brighten a low lit room. 

Normally, Peace Lily leaves are oval shaped long with a narrow tip and dark green in colour which majestically emerge from the soil and grow to perfection. Some of the most common problems with Spathiphyllum leaf are as follows; 



This is one of the most common issues. Like any other real plants Peace Lilies, too shed old leaves and in the process the leaves dry and fall off. Cutting the leaves off at the base of the stem with pruning shears, can help you to maintain the leaves. 

Yellow Leaf

Although Peace Lily plants are strong often the biggest problem you may encounter is the edges of their leaves turn a sickly yellow or brown colour and fade out of their natural glory with time. The root cause of the problem is almost definitely under or over watering related. 

Brown Tips 

The most common problem with Spathiphyllum leaf is brown tips. It can normally be cleared up easily as this tends to happen due to dust distributed on the leaves. Sometimes the Peace Lily leaves tend to brown also because of watering them with hard water. Switching to bottled water can help in causing further damage. 

Mineral Buildup

As Peace Lily plants are primarily kept as houseplants almost always they are watered by tap water, which may accumulate calcium in the soil and on the stems. Although minerals are good for Peace Lily plants too much calcium can buildup in the potted plant and suffocate its roots and even cause patchy discolouration on the leaves. 

There is no alternative to the real Peace Lily, however if you are looking for something with less commitment choosing a faux Peace Lily is a great option. As an artificial Peace Lily plants maintain their appeal with little to no maintenance. They are also the best greenery you can add to a home, office or commercial space. 

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