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Article: Using An Artificial Tree to Add to Your Exterior Landscape Design

Using An Artificial Tree to Add to Your Exterior Landscape Design

Using An Artificial Tree to Add to Your Exterior Landscape Design

An exterior landscape design, for any residential or commercial property, is its introduction to guests.

If one sees a rundown, polluted exterior, a person rightfully assumes the inside of a property’s similar.

To the opposite end, if the landscaping is very purposefully, tidy, and well-kept, the assumption becomes that the inside of a home or business has the same care associated with it.

Taking care of landscaping, unfortunately, is time-consuming and not very much fun. A workaround is artificial trees. A fake tree doesn’t have to rely on conditions to keep it living. It’s pure décor, through and through.

Do They Make Faux Trees for Landscaping

There are dozens of fake trees for sale online that can be used to add to an exterior landscape space.

Artificial trees capture nature at its finest moment, rugged and charming. A premium-grade ArtiPlanto faux tree is a powerful element in any décor arrangement. They have thick, sturdy branches, are handcrafted and with hand-painted leaves, and embody all the detail one expects from the real-life thing.

Where Do We Normally See Artificial Trees in Décor

For the majority of us, we may be seeing fake trees semi-regularly in our lives and not even be aware of it.

Artificial plants, greenery, and trees are used frequently in waiting rooms, commercial outdoor landscaping projects, and in malls.

In terms of how they are to be used in exterior landscaping, the approach isn’t entirely separate from home décor. Create interest where there isn’t any. Infer movement and welcome where there perhaps isn’t any. Use them to cover up unsightly landscaping areas. Define regions of landscaping, if you have a large area. The possibilities are endless.

Why Use Fake Trees in Landscaping Instead of Real

There are a lot of reasons to buy fake trees for landscaping, interior or exterior, instead of using real ones.

Fake trees get you the look with none of the maintenance. There’s no watering needed. An artificial tree is also immune to insects and fungi, unlike real plants. You can have a fake tree version of any tree you like, regardless of whether the real thing can grow in your climate year-round or not.

Lastly, a real tree dies. A fake tree doesn’t. No matter what happens, you have consistency in appearance.

Can You Use Artificial Trees Inside As Well As Outside

Artificial trees can be used anywhere, inside or out. They are a go-to décor element for commercial buildings, such as offices, retail, and others.

If you’re going to incorporate fake trees into interior or exterior décor projects, consider a complete unified look for inside and out. This may involve having different sizes or including artificial plants and other décor elements to craft the same charm from space to space.

The possibilities with artificial trees and greenery are truly endless. Even a gardener will mistake them for being real.

If you’re interested in fake trees and greenery, browse ArtiPlanto today to see a range of faux plants, trees, and more. Headed up by design teams in New York and Montreal, see pristinely detailed trees that are ready to be set into your space. Order yours.

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