Every day, a lot of us spend hours at our desks. Whether it’s a work-from-home situation or a corporate office, a desk shouldn’t look so drab.

Your desk should reflect your personality and inspire you to work. It’s your space, after all! Decorating your office, you have a lot of options to keep you productive.

A common element in offices are artificial plants. Looking just like the real thing but without the hassle of taking care of it and watching it gradually expire, a faux plant is a great start to decorating your office on a budget.

An Exotic Look

A boho-chic aesthetic. Hints of exoticism. Artistic touches of culture here and there. Many businesses enjoy blending the unexpected with the professional to craft a decorative appearance.

Faux plants work well at establishing a boho-chic look, with exoticism from far away brought to our day-to-day. Succulents are one such example. Hanging plants or a standalone large faux plant are others. The right amount of exoticism can create a truly whimsical and gorgeous environment.

Color Energizes and Inspires

Color in an office comes easy with fake plant decorations. No matter how big or small your workstation, a little bit of color is enough to lift dullness to extraordinary and professional.

Artificial plants like a fiddle leaf, spathiphyllum leaf, or Bird of Paradise add a lot of color and texture. Premium-made rugs are another way to blend in more color without overpowering a workspace.

Minimalism is the Best Approach

Minimalism has been a major office interior design trend for over a decade. Less is more. A sophisticated and sleek office is one that gives enough space to feature objects in an organized manner.

Consider a plant that’s worth featuring on its own. Though you don’t want it to be distracting, buying a fake plant should involve having an eye for what says ‘you!’. Under a minimalist approach, organization is imperative. This makes upkeep of the office even more important, regardless of whether there’s a plant in there or not.

Why Nature Works in Office Interior Design

Silk plants have been used in offices for years and with much success. Even if you’re not an outdoors person or a nature-lover, a little bit of nature in your office can make the place feel personal, alive, and meaningful.

Common artificial plants for offices include succulents, ferns, and trees. Follow your heart in selecting one or multiple plants for your desk, work area, or office.

Nature works well in an office because it tells the narrative of productivity, life, and renewal.

Incorporating nature in your workspace design doesn’t always have to have a minimalist approach. Some choose to completely surround themselves with all sorts of natural-looking artificial plants and tributes to the raw materials of nature.

For the best in artificial plants, fake trees, and fake plants for offices, find unique handcrafted designs at ArtiPlanto. Decorate your office according to your vision. Take on any of these approaches. As long as it resonates with you, you can sit comfortably at your desk and feel motivated to work in a setting that reflects your personality. Find inspiring fake plants for your office today.
andrew lu