Searching for the best places to buy fake plants online in the United States, you’ll find a combination of home décor sites, artificial plant designers, those specializing in cheap décor accessories, and those offering more premium products.

What you like and your budget preferences are sure to guide a lot of your shopping online this year. Before you decide on a place to buy a faux plant from, consider the names on this list. Affordable, premium-grade home décor-friendly fake plants are found from top US brands like ArtiPlanto and others.


IKEA has a small collection of faux plants that aren’t going to blow anyone away but they’re definitely some of the cheapest out there. If you’re looking for small, easy artificial plants for a home office or bedroom, IKEA’s faux plants in their home décor section are well worth the investment.


There’s no better place to see fake plant reviews than Amazon, with an easy-to-order interface and very, very wide selection. Amazon isn’t necessarily a brand that specializes in high-quality artificial plants, however, so do watch for the seller’s name and don’t expect anything extraordinary to arrive here.


Target has a little bit of everything though they aren’t the shop you want to take for premium-grade fake plants. Though Target’s consistent – and for the sake of décor, their artificial plants do the trick – the quality of their offerings aren’t well-regarded among designers.


Wayfair has a wide selection of faux plants, although the prices vary. Sometimes, Wayfair decorative items are seen as overly pricey. The quality of the work on these plants, however, is above-average.

West Elm

West Elm is a great starting point for faux plants that look like the real thing. Consider West Elm a more luxury-focused furniture and home décor store, with a curated selection of true-to-life artificial plants sure to work for most rooms.


If you’re going to buy a fake plant in the US and expect it to last forever, you want it to look amazing. ArtiPlanto has some of the most realistic-looking artificial plants in the US, from design teams in Montreal and New York. The result is a vast selection of true-to-life fake plants, all available in varying sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural does a lot of wholesale selling, with connections to corporate-led big box retail brands. They are a great source of silk plants, although this type of artificial plant is known for bleaching from the sun so keep them from the sun.

One King’s Lane

One King’s Lane the place to shop for larger-than-life faux trees, like boxwood topiaries and artificial palm trees. Don’t be discouraged by their higher price point. This is only a sign of strong quality materials, attention to detail in design, and the realism of the result.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is an underrated brand name when it comes to fake plants in the US. Their collection of small-to-large faux plants are actually quite impressive and are sure to liven up a room that’s crafted around minimalism, millennial living, or boho-chic aesthetic.

World Market

World Market has stylish, real-life fake plants at decent prices. World Market is another brand specializing in large fake plants, including artificial trees. Though smaller fake plants aren’t as popular here, you still have a small selection to put in an order.

Still don’t know where to buy fake plants? Try ArtiPlanto. On quality, no one’s better. Add an artificial plant to your room and see the life, character, and texture that comes with it. Find beautiful color combinations on dozens of realistically detailed faux plants. Order yours today.
andrew lu