Plenty of reasons exist for why one might opt-in on buying artificial plants in New York, a city surrounded by life, character, and a combination of natural beauty, humanity, and boundless invention. 

Taking care of a real plant isn’t fun for someone who has pets, who travels frequently, or who might not be particularly skilled at remembering to water it. Fortunately, this doesn’t disqualify anyone from having a houseplant nor should it.

Faux plants in New York look as close to the real thing as one can get. Totally artificial, see combinations of natural color, true-to-life leaves, and detail done by hand.

Where to buy faux plants in New York – look no further. Check out these brands and order online!


Overstock has a little of everything, from artificial plants and home décor to many other categories.

Why Overstock makes this list is because they have some truly gorgeous artificial boxwood topiaries, tabletop plants, and other greenery options. You will find some moderately affordable options, at least when it comes to shopping for premium home décor.

West Elm

See luxurious fake houseplants crafted in a mix of bright, healthy greens. West Elm has some uniquely designed faux plants for every room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom, home office, entranceway, outdoors, and beyond.

If you want to skip the line and go right to the good stuff, West Elm offers plants alongside pots, planters, baskets, and more. Style it to the room where you want to add the personality of an artificial plant.


When talking about how to order fake plants online, Amazon comes up every time whether someone’s in New York, LA, or wherever.

Amazon’s got a wide selection from different makers and manufacturers, though the real disadvantage here is there’s no way to guarantee quality. There are some real premium-grade fake plants on Amazon but they can be easily nestled aside some that are very low-quality, cheap, and not worth a real look.


ArtiPlanto gets high marks on having fake plants that look as close to real as one can get. Exceeding other brands in this department, the price tag is the only drawback. Even gardeners can’t tell the difference between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ when you’ve adorned a room with an ArtiPlanto creation.

Something for every aesthetic is found at ArtiPlanto, something which can’t be said for every name on this list. See artificial boxwood topiaries, succulents, fake palm trees, faux tabletop greenery, wreaths, and more.


If you’re already a fan of Wayfair and have ordered from them before, shopping fake plants through them is going to be easy.

Wayfair has proven to be one of New Yorkers’ favourite places to buy faux plants. You have several interestingly-designed houseplants to peruse in the catalogue, all very pretty and real-looking.

The company’s put in the work to curate a collection of plants intelligently designed and all exclusive to the brand. Though pricey, their selection is wide with everything you can imagine. Small and large. Indoors and outdoors. Wayfair has it all.

With its design team based out of New York, ArtiPlanto is one of New York’s top go-to sites for artificial plants. From tiny succulents and tabletop plants to artificial palm trees, style any décor aesthetic. Visit ArtiPlanto today to see what suits your perspective.
andrew lu