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Article: 5 Places You Should Consider to Place A Runner Rug

5 Places You Should Consider to Place A Runner Rug

A runner rug assigns an area context. It implies movement and purpose. A runner rug is both practical and decorative.

Characteristically long and narrow, a runner rug transforms a dry, drab space into one of excitement.

All that aside, knowing where to place an area rug like a runner is what gets it right. From the recommendations of home décor experts, here are the best places in an average home to consider placing a runner rug.


A staircase can have a lot of trouble. A polished hardwood can be slippery. Stairways are excessively prone to wear-and-tear as well.

Browsing runner rugs, it doesn’t hurt to consider placing one on a stairway. A runner rug adds sophistication and interest, and protects from slipping as well – something which is important if there are elderly adults, kids, or pets in the house.


A visitor enters your home. The entranceway is the first thing they see. It represents a transition, moving from outside to in.

Think of what you want to represent yourself and your home with. Runner rugs are available in various designs. There’s truly one out there for everyone. A rug is easy to place and can really dress up an entranceway in some personality.


It can be a shock to the senses when you wake up still half-asleep and place your feet on hardwood that’s chilling to the bone. Yikes!

Adding an area rug to the bedroom is a trendy home décor idea that’s becoming more and more standard. A runner on your side of the bed is as just decoration as it is functional. Enjoy coziness from the moment you swing yourself out of bed every morning.


Hallways are tough to dress up. They’re too skinny to put any significant furniture in. Even small accents can take up too much space to justify their placement.

One of the benefits of area rugs is that they take up no space. A high-quality runner catches the eye and adds color to a hallway which usually won’t have much personality of its own. Many home décor professionals and interior designers forget about the hallway, the assumption being you can’t do anything with it. Well, with a runner rug, you’ve got this option.


A bathroom is typically very narrow. A bathroom-friendly runner rug can add contagious excitement to the room.

If you hate stepping onto the freezing floor after a shower, switch it out with an area rug that matches the bathroom aesthetic you already have going on. There are some truly beautiful bathroom rug options out there, each supremely comfortable on the toes.

There are some unique area rugs and runner rugs out there, each in a different shape, style, design. If you aren’t sure where to look, try ArtiPlanto. See traditional, woven rugs. Choose the exact size you want and from the moment it arrives, all you’ll have to do is place it and adjust positioning as you see fit. Elevate your home décor with a runner rug and order yours.

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