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Article: How Do You Pot And Shape Artificial Plants?

How Do You Pot And Shape Artificial Plants?

How Do You Pot And Shape Artificial Plants?

Potting a faux plant is not as hard as one might think. In fact, it’s a lot easier than potting real plants.

As your silk plant arrives to your home in its cardboard box, opening the box, it’s obvious some shaping has to happen. Much like you would fluff out a fake Christmas tree, an artificial plant requires very similar treatment.

A premium artificial plant has bendable stems. It can be shaped and reshaped without any damage to the plant, allowing you to craft different looks and presentations according to the space it’s in and personal preference. Here is how to get the most realistic look in potting and shaping fake plants.

Choose A Stylish, Trendy Planter

You can’t get to potting and shaping a faux plant without buying a proper planter to start.

Your planter can be made from any material. As it’s an artificial plant, you don’t need water or drainage to consider. Instead, you buy planters for fake plants based purely off the aesthetic. Brass, glass, ceramics, bamboo, cement, metal, or seagrass planters exist. Find the style that matches your taste.

How To Pot A Faux Plant In A Planter

As we said earlier, potting an artificial plant is very easy. All you need is a planter, soil, and weight.

  • Fill your planter three-quarters of the way full with soil or materials of your choosing.

  • Put in your artificial plant either inside of the planter it came in or removing it entirely, making sure the plant is in the center of the planter. If it’s a larger faux plant, ensure it is anchored properly in the dirt. 

  • Fill the remainder of the planter up with soil or materials of your choosing. Test it out to confirm that the plant is staying upright and is not tipping or at risk of falling over when you’re not home.

  • Lastly, you may choose decorative elements to put over top the soil, such as pebbles, rocks, grasses, moss, and the like.

How To Weigh It Down

You want to ensure your potted fake plant is weighed down if you have young children, pets, or are positioning it outdoors. A stable base is a necessity. Some people use floral foam or plaster but there are lots of ways to weigh down a pot properly. Adding sand, pebbles, or rock is most common and can be done underneath the top layer so they don’t have to be visible.

The taller the plant – and some extend upwards of 8 feet and above – the more important it will be to weigh the planter down.

Use A Photo For Inspiration

Next, you’ve got to fluff. Take your faux plant out in its planter and start fluffing. Use a photo, if you’d like to. This can be a great guide as to what it’s supposed to look like. You can find photos of your artificial plant online at or search out the real thing on Instagram or Pinterest.

Modeling the shape after a photo gives you a real image as a guide, maximizing its realism.

Professional home decorators and interior designers pot and shape artificial plants every day. Once you’ve done it once, it gets to be quick and easy, and takes almost no time. Faux plants potted and shaped properly make for great home décor. For the best in realistic, natural-looking artificial plants, visit

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