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Article: The Rise Of Fake Plants In City Living And Urban Dwellings

The Rise Of Fake Plants In City Living And Urban Dwellings

What Is a Modern City?

When most people think about that question, they come up with lots of imagery. Tall buildings. Roads. Concrete. Human beings. Movement. Jobs. Businesses. No doubt, the modern city represents many things to many people. What is often lacking though is nature.

Take a highly developed city like New York. Everything’s been paved over. Twice. Three times. Four times or more. The little bit of nature left, even Central Park, is so landscaped that it isn’t inherently anything real.

For years, human beings have dedicated a lot of time to building separations from nature to pursue certain lifestyle choices. Thankfully, for the first time, we are seeing a lot of people start going the other way. Many families and individuals living in major cities like New York, Chicago, Toronto, and others are finding new creative ways to find their way back to nature. One of the numerous ways this is happening is with trendy artificial plants.

What Are Faux Plants?

Faux plants – aka fake plants or artificial plants – are made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials. 

Premium-grade faux plants from sites like are what we’re talking about there. They’re designed by whole design teams, gardeners, and experts in plant look, movement, and function. The result is something that looks incredibly real.

Benefits Of Faux Plants

Artificial plants allow you to do several things you can’t do with a real plant. You don’t have to water them, put them in front of sunlight so many hours of the day, make sure they’re cared for when you aren’t there to take care of them, and more.

You can also have any type of artificial plant, from tropical plants to hard-to-care-for rarities. Wherever you are in the country, there are many plants you can’t grow. If you love the look of them, you can have those plants if you’re willing to buy a fake plant.

This is why tropical plants have been forever immensely popular in this space. The artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree is one of the biggest sellers of 2021.

Another key benefit with faux plants is that in terms of the mental health benefits of plants, there isn’t any difference between real and fake. Our mind doesn’t inherently distinguish. An artificial plant can increase focus, productivity, happiness, and health in the same way a real plant will inspire that change.

What’s Your Favourite Artificial Plant?

There are hundreds of fake plants to choose from, not only in type but in size and shape. A hanging plant is best if you’re low on space. Artificial boxwood topiary plants are great for outdoor landscaping or businesses. Tabletop plants are perfect for a work-from-home office. There are plenty more options.

Millennials are on the move. They’re busy hustling. They have jobs. They have relationships. A lot of people do not have the time to dedicate to a plant but with artificial plants from Artiplanto, anyone can have a plant or garden.

Connect with nature. Tap into the ‘artificial plant’ category of home décor. Visit today and see why so many others have started flocking to trendy Instagram-ready pretty faux plants.

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